Telangana TRANSCO Functions, Assets, Liabilities, Posts And Staff Guidelines GO 26 May 29 year 2014

In pursuance of the section 53of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014, a separate TRANSCO has to be created for Telangana State and existing AP TRANSCO will continue for residuary AP State. Accordingly, Functions, Assets & Liabilities, Posts and Staff are to be transferred to the newly created Telangana TRANSCO. In order to implement the provisions of the said Act, the following guidelines are issued:

1. Effective Date for Transfer of Functions, Assets, Liability, Posts and Staff: Effective date shall be 2nd June, 2014.

2. Transfer of functions to TG TRANSCO: From the effective date all the functions presently being carried out by AP TRANSCO in the area of Telangana State shall stand transferred to TG TRANSCO.

3. Transfer of Assets to TG TRANSCO: As per section 53(1) of Reorganization Act 2014, all the assets like but not limited to, Sub Stations, Transmission Lines, Corporate Training Institute Hyderabad, Stores, Offices, Land located exclusively in the jurisdiction of Telangana State, except AP TRANSCO Head Quarter and Spares in Central Stores, shall stand transferred to TG TRANSCO on ‘as is where is basis’. Head Quarter of AP TRANSCO and Spares in Central Stores shall be divided between TG TRANSCO and AP TRANSCO based on population ratio of two respective states which is 41.68:58.32. As per Clause C (5) of Schedule XII under the said Act, Transmission lines cutting across both states shall be deemed as Inter State Transmission System (ISTS) lines. List of such Transmission lines is given in Annexure A. The ownership along with liability and maintenance of such ISTS lines shall be done by respective TRANSCO in their respective jurisdiction up to last Tower. The span between two last towers shall also be owned and maintained by the TRANSCO in whose jurisdiction larger part of span is located. List of Sub Stations and Transmission lines exclusively located in TG TRANSCO are listed in Annexure B.

 Telangana TRANSCO Go Ms 26 May 29 2014

4. Transfer of Liability to TG TRANSCO: All the liabilities which are one to one linked to a particular asset transferred to TG TRANSACO, shall stand transferred to TG TRANSCO. Assets and liabilities related to specific staff shall stand transferred along with the staff to TG TRANSCO. All other Assets which are general in nature shall be divided between two TRANSCO based on population ratio of two respective states.

5. Transfer of posts to TG TRANSCO: All the posts related to District, Field and Zonal offices including Central Training Institute at Hyderabad located in Telangana State shall stand transferred to TG TRANSCO with effect from Effective date. Posts at AP TRANSCO Head Quarter shall be divided between two Transcos based on population ratio of respective state. Based on this principle, head quarter posts transferred to TG TRANSCO is listed in Annexure- C. 6. Transfer of employees between two TRANSCOs: The guidelines meant for Government employees shall be followed for permanent transfer of employees between two TRANSCOs. Pending such transfer of employees, all staff working in District
offices, Field offices, Zonal offices and CTI as on effective date shall continue to work there and draw their salaries accordingly. Staff working at Head Quarter, to the extent of posts in TG TRANSCO, shall be provisionally transferred to TG TRANSCO as on effective date following Government guidelines for allotment of staff.

7. State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) for both TRANSCO: As per Clause C 4 of Twelfth Schedule, Section 92 of the Act, Existing SLDC at Vidyut Soudha Hyderabad shall function for both states under direct administration and control of Southern Region Load Dispatch Centre Bangalore for a period of two years within which period separate SLDC shall be created by each TRANSCO. On creation of separate SLDC by each TRANSCO, assets of existing SLDC will be divided between two TRANSCOs based on population ratio of respective state. For operational convenience during this period of 2 years, required display and IT infrastructure will be created in separately at Vidyut Soudha for AP TRANSCO to operate SLDC independently by AP TRANSCO. TG TRANSCO will operate SLDC from the existing set up.

8. Corporate Training Centre (CTI) Hyderabad: As per Section 53(1) of Reorganization Act, CTI along with posts shall stand transferred to TG TRANSCO. However CTI shall continue to provide services to AP TRANSCO on cost basis as per request made by AP TRANSCO.

9. Creation of separate Power Purchase Coordination Committee for Telangana State: Separate Power purchase committee will be set up for Telangana state.

10. IT Infrastructure and ERP Software: IT infrastructure, System software, RDBMS, General software and ERP software at Head Quarter will be used jointly by both TRANSCOs till both TRANSCO create their own IT Infrastructure and software.
Operation and maintenance cost of such common infrastructure shall be shared by both TRANSCO in population ratio of respective state. For the purpose of operational convenience, Operation and Maintenance will be handled by AP TRANSCO as all the licenses for System Software, RDBMS and ERP etc are in the name of AP TRANSCO. On creation of separate IT infrastructure by both TRANSCO, IT hardware shall be divided between two TRANSCOs based on population ratio. All software which are licensed in the name of AP TRANSCO will be retained by AP TRANSCO as same cannot be transferred to TG TRANSCO.

11. Contracts under progress: As per section 60(1) (a) of the Act, All the contracts which cover works exclusively for Telangana State, shall get transferred to TG TRANSCO along with corresponding liability. Contracts which cover works spread over both the states (for example contracts related to Transmission lines), shall be executed by TRANSCO in whose jurisdiction larger share of work (In terms of value) is located. The assets and liability of such works on completion will be divided as per principle at Sl. No. 3 and 4 – transfer of assets and liability. List of on going works in Telangana is at Annexure E.

12. Balance Sheet of TG TRANSCO and AP TRANSCO: As on effective date, balance sheet of both TRANSCOs will get modified accordingly. Annexure D lists Balance Sheet for both TRANSCOs.

13. Any other issue: Any issue not covered above shall be decided by both TRANSCOs in accordance with the principles laid down in the Reorganization Act 2014.

02. CMD APTRANSCO shall take further necessary action for transfer of functions, assets, liabilities posts and employees to TG TRANSCO accordingly.

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