Telangana State Power Finance Corporation Limited for Guidelines

GO Ms No 28 Dated:30 May 2014 In pursuance of the section 53 of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014, a separate Telangana Power Finance Corporation Limited has to be created for Telangana State and existing APPFCL will continue for residuary AP State. Accordingly, Functions, Assets & Liabilities, Posts and Staff are to be transferred to the newly created Telangana Power Finance Corporation Limited.  In order to implement the provisions of the said Act, the following guidelines are issued:

1.   Effective Date for Transfer of Functions, Assets, Liabilities, Posts and Staff:

Effective date shall be the date on which date TGPFCL comes into existence.

2. Transfer of functions to TGPFCL: From the effective date all the functions presently being carried out by APPFCL in Telangana State shall stand transferred to TGPFCL.

Distribution of outstanding “APPFCL Bonds” for Rs. 5894.60 crores (Assets &   Liabilities) between APPFCL and TGPFCL as per allocation of funds by APPCC, based on the power consumption by APDISCOMs:

‘APPFCL Bonds’ for an amount of Rs. 5894.60 crores will be outstanding as on 02-06-2014. Chairman Andhra Pradesh Power Coordination Committee (APPCC) has informed vide Lr. No. Dy. CCA. (APPCC) / SAO (B&R)/ D. No.899/2012 dated. 12-10-2012 that the raised funds received from APPFCL, have been allocated among APDISCOMs in the following ratio:


18.99% 49.12% 22.01% 9.88% 100%


As informed by Chairman, APPCC, 1745% share of power is transferred from CPDCL to SPDCL due to transfer of Ananthapur and Kurnool from CPDCL to SPDCL.  Accordingly, the allocation ratio is also revised as follows:


18.99% 40.55% 30.58% 9.88% 100%

Thus, the ratio for allocation of outstanding of “APPFCL Bonds” between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be as follows.

Ratio 59.54% 40.46% 100%
Bonds (Rs. In crores) 3509.60 2385.00 5894.60

The allocations of “APPFCL Bonds” as above have been approved in 134th Board of Directors meeting held on 21st April 2014.

Details are enclosed in Annexure-I.

Authorised and Equity Share Capital:

Authorized capital of APPFCL is for Rs. 3000.00 crores (equity share of Rs. 100 each).

  • The Authorised Capital (equity), shall be divided between APPFCL and TGPFCL based on the population ratio i.e. 58:42, for Rs. 1740 crores and Rs.1260 crores respectively, as per AP Reorganisation Act – 2014.
  • Issued, Subscribed & Paid up capital for Rs. 29,00,20,700, shall be divided between APPFCL and TGPFCL based on the population ratio i.e. 58:42, for Rs. 16,82,12,006 and Rs. 12,18,08,694 respectively, as per AP Reorganisation Act – 2014.
  • ‘Net Owned funds’ of Rs. 2.00 crores, shall be divided between APPFCL for Rs.1.16 crores (58%) and TGPFCL for Rs. 0.84 crores (42%) in the population ratio and balance net owned funds shall be obtained from respective states.
  1. Distribution of other Assets and Bank balances between APPFCL and TGPFCL.


Details of No-Lien Bank accounts, balance as on 31-03-2014:

Sl. No. Number of No -Lien Bank Accounts Unclaimed amount Remarks
1 14 65,38,246/- This amount pertains to 14 series which are already redeemed. Out of which an amount of Rs. 24,09,173/-has been transferred to IEPF on 16-05-2014, as it is unclaimed for more than 7 years. Thereby 2 No-Lien Bank Accounts viz., 1/2000 & 1/2003 will be closed.The balance 12 series of Bank Accounts with an amount of Rs. 41,29,073/-, it is proposed to maintain by APPFCL (State of Andhra Pradesh) till claimed by respective investors or transferred to IEPF if unclaimed for more than 7 years from the due date. There will be no liability as amount is available in bank accounts.




2 7 18,81,552/- The 7 Bank Accounts (for unredeemed 8 series bonds)   being maintained with SBH, Gunfoundry branch, Hyd. It is proposed to maintain same accounts by APPFCL (State of Andhra Pradesh) and unclaimed/unpaid interest on bonds which were allocated to Telangana state will be transferred to TGPFCL by opening 7 new bank accounts with SBH, Gunfoundry branch, after obtaining data from M/s Karvy till claimed by investors.Out of Rs. 18,81,552/- (7 No-Lien Bank Accounts of 8 series) Rs. 96,400/- (from series 1/2012) will be transferred to TGPFCL and balance amount will be retained with APPFCL Bank accounts till repayment.
1 current Account is being maintained with SBH Gunfoundry branch and same will be continued to APPFCL and new Current Account will be opened for TGPFCL with the same branch.
  Total 84,19,798  


Details of Bank balances for 21 banks are enclosed in Annexure-II.

Allocation of Posts & Employees (working on deputation) between APPFCL and TGPFCL:

Govt. of A.P vide G.O. Rt. No.196 dated. 20-07-2005, permitted MD/APPFCL to appoint on deputation one AAO from APCPDCL and one Clerical Asst. from APTRANSCO to work with APPFCL. One AO/APCPDCL is working on deputation from APCPDCL on Foreign Service basis. and one AAO from APTRANSCO (superannuation is due on 31-07-2015) is working in APPFCL.

Accounts Officer will work for TGPFCL and an Asst. Accounts Officer will work for APPFCL.

Other Outsourcing services being obtained by APPFCL:

  1. M/s Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd. (Registrar and Transfer Agent) has been working as a Registrar and Transfer Agent for all the series of “APPFCL Bonds” raised by APPFCL since its incorporation in July 2000.


M/s Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd. to deal with M/s NSDL & CDSL for creation of new ISINs  in respect of bonds allocated to TGPFCL (Telangana state) and listing of bonds with M/s National Stock Exchange and any other related work and  hence, they will continue to work for TGPFCL

  1. M/s State Bank of Hyderabad Gunfoundry branch has been acting as a Debenture Trustee for all the series of “APPFCL Bonds” raised by APPFCL since its incorporation in July 2000. They will continue to provide service to TGPFCL till alternate arrangements is done.
  1. Any other issue: Any issue not covered above shall be decided by both PFCs in accordance with the principles laid down in the Reorganization Act 2014.

02.       The  Managing Director, APPFCL, Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

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