Telangana State Medical reimbursement to the pensioners after bifurcation 4

Government have issued Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules 1972 for the benefit of all state Government employees and their dependents, employees of local bodies, students of medical colleges, members of the State Legislature, All India Service (AIS) Officers, A.P. State Higher Judicial officers etc.
Several Private Hospitals – both within the State and outside the State – have been recognized by the Government as referral hospitals for providing health care and treatment for these category of persons on reimbursement basis.

2. The detailed procedure for scrutiny and sanction of medical claims in respect of serving employees as well as pensioners is indicated in G.O.Ms.No.74, HM&FW (K1) Dept., dt.15-3-2005 read with G.O.Ms.No.180, HM&FW (K1) Dept., dt.11-5-2006, G.O.Ms.No.105, HM&FW (K1) Dept., dt.9-4-2007 and G.O.Ms.No.68, HM&FW (K1) Dept., dt.28-3-2011.

3. At present medical reimbursement bills of pensioners are drawn at the last place of working of working and if the pensioner is drawing pension at a place other than the last place of working, the bills are processed in the office of the Head of Department to which the pensioner belongs to process the claims and draw the claims or the sanction orders are sent to the last place of working for drawing and disbursing the claim amount to the pensioner.

4. Due to bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh into two states viz., Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States, the Finance Department have suggested to adopt the following procedure in the matter of medical reimbursement of pensioners.

1. The medical reimbursement bills of pensioner shall be drawn from the HOD of the State where he is drawing his pension.

2. After disbursement of the medical reimbursement, the amount may be apportioned between the two States as was done in the case of Pension and
pensionery benefits.

5. As per Section 59 of A.P. Reorganization Act, 2014, the liability of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh in respect of pensions shall pass to, or be apportioned between the successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in accordance with the provisions contained in the Eighth Schedule to the said Act. As per para 5 (i) of Schedule VIII of the said Act, “The liability in respect of the pension of any officer service immediately before the appointed day in connection with the affairs of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh and retiring on or after that day shall be that of successor State granting him the pension and other retirement benefits. But the portion of pension and other retirement benefits attributable to the service of any such officer before the appointed day in connection with the affairs of the existing state of Andhra Pradesh shall be allocable between the successor states on the basis of population ratio and the Government granting the pension shall be entitled to recover from the other successor State its share of the liability”.

6. In accordance with the above provisions of the A.P.Reorganization Act, Finance Department issued orders in G.O.Ms.No.97, Fin (PSC) Dept., dt.7-5-2014 and G.O.Ms.No.121, Fin (BG.III)) Dept., dt.22-5-2014 for apportionment of pension liability between the two States in the ratio of 58.32 : 41.68.

7. Due to bifurcation of the state Government have decided to adopt the following procedure for medical reimbursement to the pensioners.

• The Medical Reimbursement bills of the Pensioners shall be drawn from the Head of the Department of the State, where he/she is drawing pension.

• After disbursement of the Medical Reimbursement, the amount may be apportioned between the two States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the ratio of 58.32:41.68.

8. The following new Head of Account shall be adopted for medical reimbursement claims in respect of all Pensioners.
2071 Pension and other Retirement Benefits 01 Civil MH 800 Other Expenditure
SH (05) Medical Reimbursement of all types of Pensioners (to be opened)
040 Pensionery Charges
043 Medical Reimbursement (to be opened)

9. All Secretariat Departments and all Heads of the Departments shall take action accordingly in the matter.

HM & FW Dept. –Medical reimbursement to the pensioners after bifurcation of the State of Andhra Pradesh – Certain guidelines – Issued.
1) G.O.Ms.No. 74, HM&FW(K1) Deptt., dt. 15/3/2005.
2) G.O.Ms.No. 180, HM&FW(K1) Deptt., dt. 11/5/2006.
3) G.O.Ms.No. 105, HM&FW(K1) Deptt., dt. 9/4/2006.
4) G.O.Ms.No. 68, HM&FW(K1) Deptt., dt. 28/3/2011.

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4 thoughts on “Telangana State Medical reimbursement to the pensioners after bifurcation

  • sharma

    Very useful information which would benefit large number of pensioners, who otherwise do not have access to such important rules. Thank you pavan

  • P prabhakar reddy

    Husband expired, wife became pensioner and daughter was given job. Later pensioner mother was hospitalised for treatment and died. Now, can her employee daughter claim the bill for reimbursement as her mother was a dependent?

  • N. Ramakrishna Rao

    It is absolutely true and correct as for as Government Orders are concerned. But it is unfortunate that, in practice the Employees in Commissionerate of Intermediate Education of Telangana State are not processing the Reimbursement proposals to Aided employees who are drawing pension on par with Government employees, even though there is no such discrimination between the employees in the eyes of Government. The employees are creating such hurdles because their presumptions am afraid that The Telangana Government may earn bad name because of theses employees. I feel that this issue be addressed at the earliest. Where as in Andhra there is no such discrimination as for as reimbursement is concerned.