Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha Srikakulam District – Two Branch

The Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad (DPL) informed that the population of Srikakulam town crossed 1.20 lakhs according to 2001 census. Presently only one District Central Library is functioning in the entire Srikakulam District head quarters. Director of Public Libraries proposed opening of two Branch Libraries one at Balaga area and the other at Housing Board Colony area of Srikakulam town by utilizing the services of existing staff.

Government after careful examination of the matter here  by permit the Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad to open the following two Branch Libraries:

1.  Balaga Area of Srikakulam  town.

2.  Hosing Board of Srikakulam  town.

With the existing staff without any additional financial commitment to Government. The infrastructure to the above 2 Branch Libraries shall be provided from the funds of the Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha, Srikakulam and these will function from rent free accommodation at present.

The Director of Public Libraries is requested to take action accordingly


Education(PE-Lib)Department – Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha, Srikakulam District – Permission for opening of two Branch .Libraries in Srikakulam town with existing staff – Orders – Issued.

EDUCATION(PE.LIB)DEPARTMENG.O.Rt.No: 553                                                                                                 Dt.  26.9.12 Read:

From the Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad., Lr.Rc.No.66 – B1/12, dt:01/8/12

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