Sri Komarambheem Medium Irrigation Project in Adilabad District Mini Hydel Scheme

Chief Engineer, Central Designs Organization has submitted proposals for issue of No Objection Certificate for establishing Mini Hydel Scheme with a capacity of 3 MW (1×3 MW) on Left flank of Sri Komarram Bheem Medium Irrigation Project in Adilabad District by M/s.Rohit Energy Power Private Limited subject to certain conditions mentioned therein.

Engineer-in-Chief(Irrigation), Hyderabad while confirming the recommendations of Standing Committee has requested for issue of N.O.C. to M/s.Rohit Energy Power Private Limited subject to the conditions mentioned therein.

Government after careful examination, hereby issue “No Objection Certificate” to M/s.Rohit Energy Power Private Limited for establishing Mini Hydel Scheme with a capacity of 3 MW (1×3 MW) on Left flank of Sri Komarram Bheem Medium Irrigation Project in Adilabad District subject to the following conditions:-

i) The proposed Mini Hydel Scheme on left flank of Sri Kommaram Bheem Project comes under reserved forest, therefore Land transfer Regulation Act (LTR) is not applicable.

ii) The discharges of LF Main canal of Sri Kommaram bheem Project is 29.966 Cumecs and proposed to run in 3 months Kharriff in Rabi season i.e. 6 months in a year.

iii) All the permission and approvals regarding forest clearance, shall be obtained by the developer before commencing of the construction of the Mini Hydel Project.

iv) The parameters of the reservoir should not effect due to direct tapping of water from the reservoir.

v) As there are no specific releases for power generation there shall be no liability of Irrigation Department for any assured releases into the canal for the purpose of power generation. The specific water releases for irrigation can only be utilized for power generation.

vi) The developer has to submit affidavit that he has no right to claim water allocation and compensation

vii) All safety measures taken have to be demonstrated to the officials of the APGENCO and I&CAD Department before commissioning the project.

viii) If any structure is proposed in future to cross the power house structure and its channels for excavation of canal of projects, the cost of CM and CD works shall be born by the agency.

ix) The MHS works shall be carried out under constant supervision of the I&CAD department without affecting the safety of the existing structure.

x) The designs and drawings of all civil works have to approved by the Chief Engineer, C.D.O.

xi) Financial viability is the responsibility of the agency only.

xii) There should be no impact on water management of the existing system since the scheme is proposed on the reservoir.

xiii) There are no upper and lower riparian rights involved as the scheme is non consumptive in nature.

xiv) The proposed MHS should not interfere with the existing flood discharging arrangement or drainage system and there should be no issues like floods/drainage requiring special attention.

xv) The agency has to obtain the consent of land owners whose land is coming under acquisition before commencement of the work.

xvi) All statutory clearances for the project, if required are to be obtained by the developer from the Government in respect of (i) Forest (ii) Environmental and others if any.

xvii)During the lean flows the irrigation requirements gets priority and power generation shall be stopped.

xviii)Before commissioning of the MHS, clearance from I&CAD Department and APGENCO shall be obtained by the developer.

xix) The inflow data considered for the subject MHS is the responsibility of the developer and the Government/ Department has nothing to do with it.

xx) Methodology of Construction of intake structure and other components of MHS i. e regulator in earth dam must be approved by THE CHIEF ENGINEER/NSRSSP and THE CHIEF ENGINEER/CDO before commencement of MHS civil works.

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xxi) This scheme is exempted from the purview of GO.Ms.No.165, dt.11-07-2007, the developer shall comply with the guidelines stipulated in the proposed new policy of MHS for which amendments to the above said G.O.

xxii)Developers shall be encouraged to bring latest technology and maximise output subject to the Hydrological factors and environmental flow factors.

xxiii)The Chief Engineer, Central Designs Organization shall ensure that approval for designs is given in (15) days time failing which the developer will be permitted to go ahead for execution as deemed approval.

xxiv)The royalty charges on water as applicable would be realized by the I&CAD on monthly basis.

xxv) No claims or damages shall lie with the Government for the cancellation/suspension of N.O.C. for the reasons of River conservancy/floods management etc.

xxvi) The Developer to commence the work within (6) months from the date of issue of N.O.C. and complete the Scheme within two years of N.O.C. failing which N.O.C. will be cancelled automatically.

4. The Engineer-in-Chief(Irrigation), Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

G.O.Ms.No.  19  Dated:12-02-2014.

1) From the Chief Engineer, CDO, Hyderabad, Lr.No.CE/CDO/ B&CS-II/1218/11, dated: 20.12.2012.

2) Govt.Memo.No.184/Reforms/A2/2013, dt:11.01.2013.

3) From the E.N.C.(Irr.), Hyd., Lr.No.ENC(I)/DCEIV/OTM5/S5/MHPP/ 13, dated:07.02.2013.

4)From the C.E., Hydrology, Hyd., Lr.No.CE(H)/EE.I/DEE.I/AEE/ MHS/ communication of minutes of meeting, dated:17.01.2014.

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