Special Condition under Rule 27(3) of Mineral Concession Rules

In exercise of the powers conferred under rule 27(3) of Mineral concession Rules, 1960 framed under Section 13 of the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby impose the following special condition in all the  mining  leases  for  major  minerals  (excluding  coal  minerals) granted, executed and in force as on the date of issue of this notification.

Special condition imposed in the grant orders issued earlier inrespect of all the mining leases for major minerals in the State and are in force

The owner of a mining lease shall:

(a)   Ensure that prospecting work is carried out in his lease area at his own      cost in such mining lease where:

(i)         Prospecting  has  not  been  done  and  a  Prospecting Report has not been filed with the Indian bureau of Mines;

(ii)         The Prospecting Report for the mining lease has been prepared in terms of standards that are materially different or incompatible with UNFC standards;

(iii)        Fresh prospecting work has become necessary for such minerals for which the threshold values have been revised by the Indian Bureau of Mines; and

(iv)        Fresh  prospecting  is  required  to  prove  the  depth persistency of the ore or mineral deposit;

(b)   Ensure that prospecting work if required under clause (a) above, shall         be completed as per the time-schedule give below:

Sl. No.


Time Limit

1 All mining lease with an area   of   less   than   10 hectares. Within one year of the imposition of the condition in the mining lease.
2 All mining lease with an area of more than 10 hectares and less than 50 hectares. One half of the area within one year of the imposition of the condition in the mining lease and remaining half of the  mining  lease  area  within  three year of imposition of condition in the mining lease.
3 All mining lease with an area  of  more  than  50 hectares The mining lease area to be equally demarcated for prospecting work such that all prospecting work is completed in a period of five years from the date of imposition of the condition in the mining lease

(c)        Submit

(i)      Yearly report on the progress in the prospecting work along with the expenditure details and a copy of the interim Prospecting Report, where the prospecting Report is of a part area (as at serial number (2) and (3) of the sub-clause (b) above); and

 (ii)   Complete Prospecting Report with a feasibility report at end of the prospecting report to the Chief Controller of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines, and the Assistant  Director  of Mines and Geology concerned, under  copy of the report to the Director of Mines and Geology, Hyderabad  and Deputy Director of Mines and Geology concerned.

B. The time stipulation mentioned above shall commence from the date of publication of this G.O. in the Gazette.

C. All the mining leaseholders for major minerals shall adhere to the time stipulation as mentioned above.

G.O.Ms.No. 168 Dated: 06.12.2013
1. From the Ministry of Mines, Government of India, F.No. 10/75/2008-MV, dt. 23-12-2010.
2. From the Director of Mines and Geology, Hyderabad, letter No. 37537/P1/2009, dt. 08.03.2013.

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