Social Welfare eHostels – online processing of bills

The Social Welfare Department proposes to introduce online processing of bills for all Social Welfare Hostels in the State of Andhra Pradesh through e-hostel software package developed by the Centre for Good Governance. Pending issue of this G.O instructions have already been issued to make necessary arrangements to integrate the e-hostel software package with the Treasury Server to enable the online processing of bills.

In supersession of the instructions issued in the memo cited above, the following detailed instructions are issued herewith:

i) Government have examined the proposal of the Social Welfare Department and agreed to introduce the online processing of all hostel bills in all Social Welfare Hostels in the District of Visakhapatnam on a Pilot basis.

ii)  Under the e-hostel software package each entity namely a  vendor, (supplier of  vegetables, groceries, electricity, water, office stationery sundry items), an employee (tutor or outsourcing agency), house owner (rented buildings), shall have a bank account with the IFSC code & Bank branch to enable online remittances.

iii)  The various bills relating to Diet Charges, Tutor Charges, Water and Electricity charges, Rents and cosmetic charges must be processed through the e-hostel software package developed by the C.G.G and transmitted to the Sub-Treasury online for processing and remittance of amounts online to the different Bank Accounts of the respective Vendor, Employees, Teachers and Manpower Agencies as authorized by the Hostel Warden.

iv)  The online bills being uploaded to the Sub-Treasury will be similar to the scholarship bills of epass, but being done now at the Sub-Treasury level by the hostel warden concerned.

v)  The DD, Social Welfare, Visakhapatnam is requested to ensure that adequate training is imparted to all Hostel Welfare Officers who are also the D.D.O’s.

vi)    The District Treasury Officer, Visakhapatnam is therefore advised to ensure that steps are taken to open CINB accounts at the Sub-Treasury level to enable uploading of sanctioned amount of bills into the respective Bank Accounts to ensure Bank Accounts of Hostel Wardens, the vendor, employees, tutors and manpower agencies which are authorized by the Hostel Warden.

vii)  The Deputy Director, Social Welfare, Visakhapatnam is requested to ensure that all Hostel Wardens submit all bills relating to Social Welfare Hostels, henceforth, through the e-hostel software package only and no manual bills will be entertained hereafter.

viii)  The DD, Social Welfare and the DTO Visakhapatnam is requested to report compliance in the matte

This  orders  issued  at  the  concurrence  of  the  Finance  Expenditure

Department vide U.O No.7270/363/A1/Exp.SW/2012, dated 29-10-2012.

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