Selected Candidates to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police Group-I Services 2008

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission have furnished a list of (62) Candidates, who were provisionally selected to the post of Deputy Superintendents of Police, Category-II in Andhra Pradesh Police Service under Group-I, basing on the combined merit, roster points and the available vacancies in the above service, and requested the Government to verify the antecedents of the provisionally selected   candidates by following the procedure prescribed in Govt. Memo No.513/SC-B/95-1, G.A. (SC-B) Dept., dated 17.4.1995, and the candidates selected under ‘”ST” status be referred to the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare Department, for thorough verification of “ST” status, as per rules in vogue, before issuing appointment orders.

Based  on  the  selection  made  by  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Public  Service Commission and after verification of antecedents from Intelligence Department  and Physical fitness certificates   from the  Medial Board, Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, and after obtaining clearance certificates from Commissioner of Tribal Welfare in respect of ‘ST’ candidates, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, hereby appoint  the  following (61)  candidates, whose  addresses are  mentioned in  the Annexure to this order,  to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Category-II in terms of Rule-3 of A.P. Police (Civil) Service Rules, published in G.O.Ms.No.137, Home (Police-E) Department, dated 1st June, 1998, subject to the result of the Court cases, pending if any, and the appointments in respect of Sri Gummi Chakaravarthy and Kum. N.Swetha, is subject to clearance of their antecedents during their study/stay/ work period in USA

         Name                                          Reg. No.

1       S.Krishna Aditya                   12204363

2       V.Vivekananda Reddy        11847152

3       J.Raghavendar Reddy        12003022

4       YVS Sudheendra             11841774

5       Surukanti Malla Reddy      11805599

6       P.Mahesh                  11827253

7       T.Prabhakarababu Torreti   11003261

8       N.Swetha                  11834290

9       G.Sundeep                  11821584

10      Gummi Chakravarthy          11835604

11      K.Srujana                  11836816

12      G.Chandra Mohan             11607749

13      J. Vasavee Santosh          10207129

Nidikonda Venkata

14      Ramanjaneyulu              10703820

15      B.Sribhavani Harsha               11814175

16      Atla Ramana Reddy                11002430

17      Duvvarapu Surya Sravan        11840496

18      Sravani Kurakula                   11849651

19      M.Chidananda Reddy              11101004

20      Kaparapu Nageswara Rao       11837181

21      Korlakunta Supraja                11838220

Gundlamadugu Venkata

22      Ramudu                                      11841013

23      Karri Pushpa                          10207940

24      Asma Farheen                       10205191

25      Chapalamadugu Narmada       11840414

26      T. Usharani                           12100298

27      Soumya Latha Pinninti            10301825

28      B.Vijaya Bhaskar                   11817229

29      J. Kulashekhar                       11201113

30      Srinivas Rao Kolli                   10202048

31      Pujitha Neelam                      11005108

32      Jonna Venkata Rao                10209373

33      Lingala Ajay Prasad                11805282

34      V.Srinivasulu                         11820913

35      Ch.Srutha Keerthi                  11848413

36      Baburajkamal Vipparthi          12202939

37      Chekka Sowjanya                  11820233

38      Dharavath Ravindra Naik        11823872

39      Anil Kumar Pulipati                 10206119

40      K.Sangeetha                          11840417

41      Aravala TV Ravikumar            10101546

42      A Rajendra                            11833797

43      Ganji Kavitha                         12204872

44      Dilip Kiran Ondru                   11843645

45      Bammidi Srinivas Rao             10100821

46      R. Raghavendra                     11805458

47      R.Srihari Babu                       11808577

48      S.Khadar Basha                     11203227

49      Mohammed Abdul Rasheed     11501338

50      V.Sunitha                              11840975

51      Mahendra Mathe                    11838171

52      K.Prasanna Rani                    11806279

53      B.Rajesh                               11843384

54      Gurugubelli Prem Kajal           10204206

55      Sirisha Chepuri                      11836290

56      C.Sathish                              11813349

57      Kalpana Vara                         10604581

58      Shaik Masum Basha               11302853

59      K.Srilakshmi                          11839859

60      G. Swarupa Rani                    11801955

61      Mandapalli Snehita                 10405889

The candidates appointed in para-2 above are placed on probation for a period of two years and six months on duty within a continuous period of three years, and their services are liable to be terminated at any time before declaration of probation under rule 17(a)(ii) of Andhra Pradesh State & Subordinate Service Rules,

1996 with one month’s notice or one month’s pay in lieu thereof, if any adverse remarks against them have came or brought to notice of Government.  They shall retain their seniority in the Category of Deputy Superintendents of Police, Category-

II, as assigned by the Public Service Commission.

 The candidates appointed in para-2 above,  should report for duty before the Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad within a period of (30) days taking the date of despatch (by registered post with acknowledgement due) of the appointment order as crucial date for reckoning the time limit.  If he/she does not join the post within the stipulated period of 30 days, the offer of appointment shall be treated as automatically cancelled and the name of the candidate shall be deemed to have been omitted from the list of approved candidates.

 The Director General of Police, A.P. Hyderabad, shall communicate the orders of Government issued in G.O.Ms.No.165, Finance & Planning (FW-FR.I) Department, dated 21.4.1984 to the above said candidates, so as to enable them to make declaration as to their date of Birth which shall be final and shall not be altered as specified in Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (Recording and Alteration of Date of Birth) Rules, 1984 as amended from time to time and to send the same to Government.    As soon as the candidates report for duty, the Director General of Police, A.P., Hyderabad shall verify all the original documents in respect of academic qualification, age, community, certificate of exclusion from creamy layer (for BCs) and physical fitness etc., with reference to the rules relating to service and entries made in the Unit List by the Commission and also with reference to the application should be obtained from the candidates and a certificate to that effect that all documents have been verified and found to be correct has to be sent to the A.P. Public Service Commission.

The Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad shall depute the new recruits to the training programme, including the induction training at Dr. M.C.R. Human Resources Development Institute of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad as early as possible.

Recruitment (Direct) – General – Group-I Services 2008 – Notification No.39/08 &

10/09 – Appointment of selected candidates to the post of Deputy Superintendent of

Police, Category-II in A.P. Police Service – Notified.

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