Scheme for procurement of Black Jaggery – Prohibition & Excise

Government have issued certain operational guidelines to implement the scheme of purchase of Black Jaggery directly from the farmers in the State during the 2011-12 crop season in order to help the farmers in disposal of their stock of Black Jaggery for lawful purposes while simultaneously controlling illicit distillation of liquor.

Government, after examination of the matter, hereby extend the said scheme of procurement of Black Jaggery directly from the farmers to the current crop season ie., during 2012-13 by following the operational guidelines issued vide G.O first read above.

For undertaking the purchase operations an initial working capital of Rs.4.00 Crore (Rupees Four Crores only) as advance shall be kept at the disposal of M.D Markfed. The amount would be advanced by the M.D, APBCL from out of the privilege fee payable to Govt.

All the concerned should take all necessary steps for implementing the above scheme successfully keeping in view, inter alia, the interest of the farmers who have produced Black Jaggery.

The Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise, AP., Hyderabad is also requested to organize a result oriented action plan to control I.D.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O Note No.31263/505/A2/Exp.Rev/12, Dt: 04.12.2012

1. G.O Ms.No.87, Revenue (Ex.III) Dept Dt:16.02.2012.
2. From the M(E&P) Note No.33/M(SE&IG)/Proh&Excise/12, Dt:17.10.12 received on 01.11.2012

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