Sanction of amount For Andhra Pradesh IT event other IT Promotion conferences

As part of IT Promotion activities, Government organizes annual Mega IT event other IT Promotion conferences and events, participates in national and international exhibitions, gives advertisements in print & electronic media, provides sponsorship support to the conferences, participates in IT Promotion tours and in the road shows and networking meetings (within India & abroad), prints the ICT Policy 2010-2015 and other promotional brochures,
engage IT Promotion legal/professional consultancy services and payment of fee/charges thereon. For undertaking all these IT Promotion activities, for attracting IT companies to locate their operations and further grow in the State, certain expenditure needs to be incurred from time to time on priority and need based requirement.

In this regard, sanctions and releases have to be done at periodical intervals and at short otice to the agencies/vendors as and when the above events or programs are organised, for which the budget must be available whenever it is required, within least possible time frame.

In view of the above and after careful consideration, Government hereby accord, sanction for an amount of Rs.1,08,39,000/- (Rupees One Crore Eight Lakhs Thirty Nine Thousand only) to PD A/c of APTS Ltd for onward releases by APTS Ltd as per the instructions of Government to the Vendors/Agencies/Institutions involved in successful
conduct of all the IT Promotion activities as mentioned above.

The amount sanctioned in Para.3 above shall be debited to the following Head of Account:
3451 : Secretariat Economic services
MH (090) : Secretariat-Schemes included in the plan
GH (11) : Normal State Plan
SH (22) : Information Technology & Communications Dept
280 : Professional Services
284 : Other Payments

The Joint Director & D.D.O., IT&C Department shall draw the amount sanctioned in Para.3 above by preferring an adjustment bill with the Dy.P.A.O. Secretariat Branch, Hyderabad and credit the said amount of Rs.1,08,39,000/- (Rupees One Crore Eight Lakhs Thirty Nine Thousand only) to the PD A/c. No. 23 of APTS Ltd under the following credit Head of Account:
8449 : Other Deposits
MH (120) : Miscellaneous Deposits
SH (56) : Deposits of APTS Ltd.
PD A/c No. : 23 of APTS

APTS Ltd shall submit advance stamped receipt for Rs.1,08,39,000/- (Rupees One Crore Eight Lakhs Thirty Nine Thousand only) to this Department in duplicate.

APTS Ltd shall submit the Utilization Certificate for the said amount of Rs.1,08,39,000/- (Rupees One Crore Eight Lakhs Thirty Nine Thousand only) to the Govt from time to time in this regard.

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