Sanction of 13 Crores to ICT Policy 2010 – 2015

Government of Andhra Pradesh has issued Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Policy to pursue the promotion of IT and spread of IT Industry to all regions of the State not only to see that the fruits of IT reaches the last mile of the State, but also generate gainful employment to the rural youth of all the sections of the society in the State. As per ICT Policy, it is mandate of Govt to provide infrastructure facilities such as road, power, water and sewerage to the door step of the IT/ITES Layouts/ Parks/SEZs/Campuses of IT Industry.

AP Industrial  Infrastructure Corporation Ltd (APIIC) is notified as Industrial Area Local Authority in Cyberabad and other areas for undertaking the municipal functions such as provision and maintenance of adequate and sufficient lights, road network, sewerage, etc. Further, APIIC vide second read above has been nominated as the Nodal Agency of the Govt at this Dept for undertaking development of IT Parks/IT SEZs/IT Layouts, for coordinating with necessary Govt agencies and provide basic infrastructure like power, water, sewerage, access roads to the doorsteps of the proposed IT Parks/ IT SEZs/IT Campuses.

In this regard, Government at this Dept proposed to APIIC for construction of IT Incubation Centres at Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Warangal and Kakinada, provision of external infrastructure at this places, improvements to approach roads from ORR to Sy.No.255 in Adibatla, R.R.District and provision of external infrastructure to Animation City at Raidurg. For this purpose, APIIC vide third read above, submitted an estimate of Rs.71.55 crores.

Government after consideration and examination of the entire issue, hereby accord approval for sanction and release of Rs.13,00,00,000/- (Rupees Thirteen Crores Only), allocated vide BRO at reference fourth read above, in favour of APIIC Ltd to meet the expenditure on provision of basic infrastructure such as road, power, water and sewerage to the door step of the IT/ITES Layouts/ Parks/SEZs/Campuses of IT Industry more specifically the items of works mentioned.

The amount sanctioned in Para.4 above shall be debited to the following Head ofAccount:

3451                : Secretariat Economic services

MH 800          : Other expenditure

GH 11             : Normal State Plan – IT&C Dept

SH 11             : Infrastructure facilities for development of IT

500                  : Other charges

503                  : Other Expenditure

APIIC shall submit an advance stamped receipt for an amount of Rs.13,00,00,000/- (Rupees Thirteen Crores Only) sanctioned in Para.4 above, to this Department in duplicate.

The Joint Director & D.D.O., IT&C Department shall draw the amount sanctioned in Para.4 by preferring an adjustment bill with the Dy.P.A.O. Secretariat Branch, Hyderabad and credit the said amount of Rs.13,00,00,000/- (Rupees Thirteen Crores Only) to the P.D.A/c No.176 of APIIC Ltd., under the following credit Head of Account.

8449                : Other Deposits

MH (120)       : Miscellaneous Deposits

SH (17)           : Deposits of APIIC Ltd.,Hyderabad. P.D.A/c No.176 of APIIC Ltd, SBH Treasury Branch.

APIIC  shall  furnish  Utilization  Certificate  on  the  expenditure  incurred  from  the sanctioned and released amount hereunder.

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