Review and Revision of Andhra Pradesh Financial & Treasury Codes

The Andhra Pradesh Financial Code Volume-I & II were last reviewed and revised in early 1980s.  Since then, enormous changes have taken place in Government Administration due to various Administrative Reforms undertaken by Government viz. Computerization, Delegation of Powers, Conversion of all Non-Banking and Sub-Treasuries into Banking Sub-Treasuries, availment of modern banking facilities new payments, online payments through Electronic Clearance System (ECS)/National Electronic Fund Transaction (NEFT)/Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Introduction of Digital Signatures etc.G.O.Ms.No. 244 , Dated:30-08-2013.
1. Letter No.554-C/53/TFR/2012, dated 12.07.2012 of Principal Secretary to Government, Finance Department.
2. Letter from Additional Director General – Training, Dr.Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Development Institute of Andhra Pradesh dated 09.08.2012.

2.         In this context, it is felt necessary to review and revise Andhra Pradesh Financial Code Volume-1 & 2 and Andhra Pradesh Treasury Code Volume 1 & 2 initially in conformity with the changing needs of Administration and imperatives of good governance.

3.         It is therefore, proposed to constitute a Working Group for updating and revision of Andhra Pradesh Financial Code Volume- 1 & 2 and A.P.Treasury Code Volume- 1 & 2 initially.

4.         After careful consideration, Government hereby constitute a Working Group with the following Officers for updating and revision of existing Codal Provisions:-


Director General, Dr.MCR HRDI. Chairman


Principal Secretary to Govt., (IF) Member


Principal Secretary to Govt., (FP) Member


Secretary to Government (W&P) Member


Director of Treasuries & Accounts, A.P., Hyd. Member


Director of Works Accounts, A.P., Hyd. Member


Pay & Accounts Officer. Member

5.         The whole process of updating and revision of Codes shall be done under the supervision of Director General, Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resources Development Institute, Hyderabad, who shall be the Chairman of the Working Group.

6.         In order to make the Codes comprehensive, the proposed revision requires inputs from many Departments and Officers and interaction with them from a locus within the Finance Department of A.P., Secretariat, Hyderabad. For the smooth and effective functioning, the Working Group is provided with the following facilities/powers.

a)  The Working Group will function from the Finance Department, A.P., Secretariat. For this purpose the Chairman, Members and Staff of the Working Group shall be provided with necessary accommodation.

b)  The Working Group can engage the services of the Consultants with the approval of the Government who are well-versed as part of their duty and shall also visit Heads of the Departments/Districts as per the requirement.

c)  The Working Group shall call Officers from any department singly or in groups for deliberations about the usefulness of various provisions in the existing Codes, its current impact, need and potential draft revisions.

d)  The  Working  Group  shall  obtain  data,  information,  suggestions  from  any  of  the Secretariat Departments/Heads of the Departments of Government to understand current operational status and impact of the Codes and consider possible and potentially useful revisions.

e)  The Finance (TFR) Department, Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad, Director of State Audit, A.P., Hyderabad, Director of Works Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad and Pay & Accounts Officer, Hyderabad shall assist the Working Group in providing necessary inputs.

f)  The Chairman and Members of the Working Group shall visit and interact with the personnel in any of the Treasury, Pay & Accounts, Works Accounts offices, Finance and Accounts Offices in any of the Heads of the Departments, Drawing and Disbursing Officers  to  familiarize  with  current  status,  gather  information,  identify  any obsolete processes/procedures and explore ideas for useful revision of Codes.

g)  The Working Group shall meet every fortnight to review the progress made.

h)  The Working Group shall complete the updation of codes by February, 2014.

i)    The Finance (OP.II) Department shall provide accommodation to the Working Group and also provide other required assistance etc., and also process/provide T.A. & D.A. to the Working Group by issuing necessary sanction orders.

j)   The expenditure on account of above revision of codes shall be borne by the Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resources Development Institute, Hyderabad.

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