Reorganization of State of Andhra Pradesh Close all Bank Accounts without special permission by 15 May 2014

G.O.Ms.No. 94 Dated: 06.05.2014  G.O.Ms.No.85, Finance (TFR) Department, dated 21.04.2014 with reference, Government issued orders to all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers to remit the undisbursed amounts if any available in the Drawing and Disbursing Officer Account as on 26.05.2014 to their respective departmental receipt head of account and furnish a NIL  balance report to the concerned D.T.O./PAO.Hyd./PAO (Works & Project Wing).

2. It has come to the notice of the Government that certain Departments are keeping unutilized funds of several schemes in the Bank as fixed deposits without obtaining prior permission from the Government. In respect of Land Acquisition cases, some of the Special Deputy Collectors (Land
Acquisition) / Revenue Divisional Officers are keeping huge amounts with Banks as F.D.R. for a long period, pending settlement of cases.

3. In terms of T.R. 9 of A.P. Treasury Code Volume-I, no Government servant may deposit in a bank moneys withdrawn from the Government Account”.

4. In view of the State Reorganization of State of Andhra Pradesh into two States, Government after careful consideration, hereby order to close all the Bank/ Fixed Deposit Accounts being operated by the Government Departments which are opened without special permission from the
Government and credit the proceeds into respective Departmental receipt head of Account immediately not later than 15.05.2014.

5. It is also hereby ordered that all the District Collectors should ensure that all such deposit amounts kept by the Special Deputy Collectors, Land Acquisition/ Revenue Divisional Officers be closed and credited to the Government Account immediately not later than 15.05.2014 and furnish
compliance report to the Government.

6. All the Departments of Secretariat shall ensure that no Heads of Department under their control is operating Bank/Deposit Account after 15.05.2014. The Heads of Departments in turn shall ensure that no departmental officer under their control is operating Bank/Deposit Account after

7. All the Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Department shall ensure that the information furnished by them in Proforma-X regarding Bank balance as on 31st March, 2014 with Departments/Corporations/Institutions and in Proforma-XI relating to Direct transfer of Central
Scheme Funds to implementing agencies in the State of Andhra Pradesh shall correlate with the action taken by them for closer of all Bank/Deposit Accounts by 15th May, 2014.

Any Department finds it necessary to continue such bank account, if any, relaxation to this G.O. shall be sought before 15.05.2014 duly giving proper justification.

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