Provision of Subsidy/Guidelines for installation of various solar based systems

State Government have announced various policies for encouraging use of solar power in the State. In order to implement these initiatives, Government have decided to provide additional incentives for Solar Water Heating Systems and Solar Agricultural Pumpsets in addition to subsidy provided by the Government of India to popularize these solar products among people.

Government after careful consideration accordingly order the following in this regard:

(1) The focus area of Solar Pumpsets programme would be areas where grid connectivity does not exist as well as Indira Jala Prabha Blocks wherein it would be implemented on cluster basis for SC & ST beneficiaries only. In respect of the SC&ST beneficiaries of these two categories of areas, the State Government would
provide 70% of the Solar Pumpsets as subsidy in addition to central Government subsidy.

(2) For other areas & beneficiaries 20% additional subsidy from the State Government side would be provided for installing Solar Pumpsets.

In respect of Solar pumpsets, in Indira Jala Prabha for SC&ST farmers, Commissioner, Rural Development will be the Nodal Agency for finalizing the list of eligible beneficiaries. After finalizing the list, Commissioner, Rural Development will forward the list with his recommendations to NREDCAP for release of cost as subsidy. In respect of other farmers, Commissioner, Agriculture will act as Nodal Agency and furnish the list to
NREDCAP along with his recommendations for release of subsidy.

As far as Solar Water Heating System is concerned, Government have decided to provide 20% additional subsidy for capacity upto 200 LPD only for residential users. Full subsidy minus the eligible Central subsidy, however, will be provided for installation of Solar Water Heating System in respect of Government hostels and residential schools which are on the Government building only. The party installing the Solar water heating system will submit their claim to NREDCAP for disbursement of subsidy.

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