Promotion to certain Tahsildars as Deputy Collectors in Andhra Pradesh

Government have approved the minutes of the Departmental Promotion Committee i.e., panel of Deputy Collectors for the year 2012-2013, subject to outcome of pending O.A’s/W.Ps/SLPs, respectively and any other cases pending before any court of law and also the seniority/placement of officer as shown in this panel may also be subject to change.

The following adhoc appointment by promotions / transfer to following Tahsildars /Superintendent as Deputy Collectors are notified.


Under Rule 10(a) of Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996 the following Tahsildars / Superintendent are appointed to the cadre of Deputy Collectors (Category-II) of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Executive Branch) Rules on a purely adhoc basis in the Revised Scale of Pay of Rs.20680–46960:-



Name of the Tahsildar / Superintendent

Sarvasri :

G.Vijaya Lakshmi, Tahsildar
G.Rama Murhty, Tahsildar
K.Salmon Raju, Tahsildar
K.Adilakshmi, Tahsildar
K.Chandrasekhara Rao, Tahsildar
V.David Raju, Tahsildar
T.Bhaskar Naidu, Tahsildar
M.Venkatasudhakar, Tahsildar
N.Srinivas Rao, Superintendent
T.Poornachandra , Tahsildar
  1. The appointment by promotion / transfer ordered above is subject to the following conditions :-

(i)            the appointment is purely temporary under emergency provisions and does not confer any right of any kind on the individual who is liable to be reverted at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof and the excess amount drawn, if any, in this category will be recovered  

(ii)           the officer shall not be regarded as a Probationer or be entitled by reason only of such appointment to any preferential claim for future appointment to such service, class or category ; 

(iii)          the officer appointed under sub-rule (a) shall, whether or not he/she possesses the qualification prescribed for the service, class or category to which he/she is appointed, be replaced as soon as possible by the member of the service, who is entitled to the appointment under the rules ;

(i)            the adhoc promotions accorded are subject to outcome of OA No. 8082/10 and WP No. 29053/10 pending in the Hon’ble APAT and the Hon’ble High Court respectively and any other cases pending before any court of law ;

(ii)           the appointment is also subject to joining of the Officer in the promoted post within the stipulated time of 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receipt of the order of appointment and promotion as specified in rule 11(b) of A.P.State & Subordinate Service Rules, 1996, failing which he/she would forfeit the right of promotion to the cadre of Deputy Collector.


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