Procurement and supply of Iron Folic Acid

The Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad has sent a proposal stating that during the Executive Committee meeting held on 21-03-2013 it was proposed to constitute a committee consisting of HOD’s and to give their opinion with regard to type of IFA tablets distribution of different age groups of people including pregnant women and lactating women. She has  further  stated  that  accordingly  the  committee  has  been  constituted  with Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad, Commissioner of A.P. Vaidya Vidhana Parishad and Director of Medical Eeducation and the committee has submitted its report with the following recommendations for distribution schedule of IFA tablets and syrup for different age groups of peoples:-

Age Group Intervention / Dose Regime Service Delivery
6-60 months 1   ml  of  IFA  syrup containing 20 mg of elemental iron & 100

mcg of folic acid

Biweekly throughout the period 6-60 months of age & de-

worming for children

12  months and above

Through              ASHA

inclusion in MCP card

5-10 years Tablets   of   45   mg elemental   iron   and

400 mcg of folic acid

Weekly throughout the    period    5-10

years of age and biannual  de- worming

In school through teachers and for out of

school children through Anganwadi Centre (AWC)  Mobilization  by


10-19 years 100 mg elemental iron and 500 mcg of folic


Weekly    throughout the    period    10-19

years   of   age   and

biannual             de- worming

In     school     through teachers and for those

out-of-school   through

AWC   Mobilization   by


Women      in reproductive

age    (WRA)


100 mg elemental iron and  500  mg  of  folic


Weekly    throughout the       reproductive


Through  ASHA  during house       visit       for

contraceptive distribution.

Pregnant and lactating women 100 mg elemental iron and 500 mcg of folic acid 1 tablet daily for 100 days, starting after the first trimester, at

14-16 years of gestation. To be repeated    for    100

days post-partum

ANC / ANM / ASHA and for ICDS Projects in which Indiramma Amrutha Hastham is implemented, through the Anganwadi Centre (AWC).

Inclusion in MCP card.

The  Commissioner  of  Health  and  Family  Welfare,  A.P.  Hyderabad  has requested the Government to issue orders for implementing the committee recommendations for control of Iron Deficiency Anemia & for distribution of IFA tablets.

Government  after  examination  of  the  matter,  hereby  accept  the proposal of the Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad to implement the recommendations of the committee as stated above.

The Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad shall ensure regular and timely supply of Iron Folic Acid syrup for the age group of 6-60 months, the tablets for the prescribed dosage for the age group of 5-10 and 10-19 years and the recommended dosages and in the form of tablet / capsule as recommended by the committee.

G.O.Rt.No. 589 Dated:23-04-2013. Read:

From the CH&FW, A.P. Hyd., Lr.Rc.No.9833/MS.II/C4/2012, dt 04-2013.

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