P.S.Veligonda Project – Acquisition of the balance 30% of land

Sarpanch and villagers of Kalanuthala and K.Nagulavaram have filed a representation before the Chief Minister requesting to acquire the remaining 30% land in addition to the extent which was acquired earlier i.e. 70% and to declare entire Kalanuthala and K.Nagulavaram villages as fully submerged area since after completion of project they cannot cultivate their lands due to their villages have to be shifted to new places and also requested for payment of land compensation to their lands as they are poor ryoths. He has further stated that the Special Deputy Collector (L.A), PSVP, Unit-I, Markapur has reported that the balance extent of Ac.1590.37 cents have not been declared under Foreshore area of Submersion as these lands are come under above FRL+224. The said extent is located with the western and northern side of the existing villages and it has fallen in high level portion of Kalanuthala Village. The said lands will also be surrounded with project water and it will become an island. He finally opined that it is dire necessity to acquire the balance land measuring an extent of Ac.1590.37 cents under Foreshore area of submersion of Kalanuthala Village of Peddaraveedu Mandal.

The four (4) men committee constituted vide reference have recommended for acquisition of 1590.37 acres of land of Kalanuthala village, which falls above FRL, but become inaccessible once P.S.Veligonda Project is completed. The Committee also recommended for transfer of government lands to the Forest Department and for acquisition of private lands and then to transfer to Forest Department for use as compensatory aforestation lands.

 The Commissioner (R&R),  & Ex.Officio Secretary to Govt., I.& CAD Dept., Secunderabad  has agreed with the recommendations of the four (4) men committee with a estimated cost of Rs.10.00 to 12.00 Crores approximately for acquisition of 30% of left over balance land located beyond FRL in Kalanuthala Village of Peddaraveedu Mnadal under Poola Subbaiah Veligonda Project.

Government, after examination of the above proposal, hereby, permit for acquisition of the left over balance 30% of land (1590.37 acres) located beyond FRL in Kalanuthala village of Peddaraveedu Mandal under P.S. Veligonda Project as submerged area as recommended by the District Collector, Prakasham and the (4) men committee. The estimated cost of acquisition would be about Rs.10.00 to 12.00 Crores approximately and to transfer of Government land along with the land in question under various Irrigation Projects to the Forest Department for compensatory aforestation.

This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (W&P) Department vide their U.O.No.1438/F2 (1)/2012-1, dated 5-5-2012.

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