New Government Medical College and Hospital at Ongole,Prakasam District

Government of Ap issued orders for administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.125.00 crores for  construction of new Medical College and Hospital (RIMS), Ongole, Prakasham Distrcit.    Considering the upward revision of the original estimates  as reported by the Director of Medical Education / Managing Director, A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation, orders were issued according revised administrative sanction for an amount of Rs. 185.31 crores. the  Director of Medical Education  has stated that  as per the Medical Council of India norms and to get the permission  for 3rd, 4th and 5th year  admissions, it is required to take up  construction of additional quarters and hostels in RIMS Medical College & Hospital, Ongole as detailed in the Annexure to his letter dated 6-8-2012 read above. The Director of Medical Education has, therefore, requested to accord Administrative Sanction for an amount of Rs.57 crores for the above purpose with provision of funds. Government   after   careful   examination   of   the      matter   hereby   accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs. 57.00 crores (Rupees fifty seven crores only) towards construction of additional quarters and hostels, as mentioned in the annexure appended.  The expenditure shall be phased out   in three   years starting from 2012-13 based on actual requirement of funds and physical progress. The Director of Medical Education / Managing Director, A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure  Development Corporation, Hyderabad shall take necessary   action accordingly. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Dept.   vide their U.O. No. 22410/258/A1/Expr.M&H-I /2012, dt. 6-9-2012 ANNEXURE TO G.O.RT. NO. 1401.. HM&FW (E) DEPT, DATED. 17-09-2012   Name of the work : Construction of Hostels & Staff Quarters for RIMS at Ongole in Prakasam District

Sl. No. Description No. Plinth area(in Sqm)

Rate/ One sft.

Amount in



Civil     Water     Supply     & Electrical


Teaching  Staff  Quarters  –  I (First Floor)




Teaching  Staff  Quarters  –  II (First Floor)




Professor Quarters (First Floor)


iv) Non-Teaching Staff Quarters 36 2239.04


Class IV Quarters 12 758.40
vi) Staff Nurse Quarters 57 2257.00
vii) Male & Female Internees 100 4514.00
viii) Male   &   Female   ResidentsHostels 85 3425.50
ix) Girls Hostel 86 2315.98


Boys Hostel 86 2315.98
xi) Paying  Rooms Block -4 (ThirdFloor) 430.00
xii) Paying  Rooms Block -5 (ThirdFloor) 430.00
xiii) Paying   Rooms Block -6 (FirstFloor) 493.00
xiv Paying       Rooms   Block   -6 (Second Floor) 493.00
xv) Paying Rooms Block -6 (ThirdFloor) 493.00
Sub Total: 231943.10 1500 347914647


The  soils  are  of  poor  nature and pile foundation is adopted. Hence   Rs.   400   /   Sft.   isconsidered extra.


Add  for  2  Wheeler  parking shed 2000000


Add  for  4  Wheeler  parking shed 1000000


Add for Tennis Court (2 Nos.) 1000000


Add for Basket Ball Court 640000


Add for Ambulance & ParkingSheds 1600000


Add for Overhead Tank 1600000
Sub  total 355754647


Water    supply    &    SanitaryArrangements @ 12.50% 44469331


Internal         &         ExternalElectrifications @ 12.50% 44469331
Sub Total 444693309
10 Provision towards APTRANSCO 500000
11 Provision   towards   MunicipalWater Supply 1000000
12 Provision towards Drainage forStorm water 1000000
13 Provision     towards     tender 22234665
premium @ 5%
14 Provision      towards      Price adjustment @ 5% 22234665
15 Provision for VAT @ 5% 22234665
16 Provision for cess @1% 4446933
17 Provision  for  approach  roads and landscaping @ 2% 8893866
18 Provision for Unforeseen items and rounding off 5472176
Sub total 532710280
19 Engineering           Supervision charges @ 7% 37289720
Grand Total 570000000

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