Post-Matric Scholarships – Enhancement and fixing of uniform rates 1050

AP Government issued orders for fixing rates of monthly maintenance charges for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Backward Class, Minority & Disabled students pursuing Post-matric courses under the Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarships.

The Commissioner of Social Welfare has sent a proposal to fix uniform rates of maintenance charges for students in Department Attached Hostels run by the Welfare Department pursuing various courses under Group-I (BC, minority & Disabled students only), Group-II, III & IV categories viz., Professional, P.G, Graduation and Intermediate level courses as the students are all staying together in one hostel but are drawing differential maintenance rates ranging from Rs.520/- per month to Rs.962/- per month.  The variation in maintenance rates is leading to discrimination in the diet and problems in the student community residing in the same Government run Department Attached Hostels.  Further, it was requested to enhance the maintenance rates in view of the increase in LPG cylinder rates from Rs.404/- to Rs.1,280/- besides steep increase in food & vegetables while the rates were SC/ST students were enhanced in 2011, the rates for BC/Minority/Disabled students were fixed in 2008.

The issue was examined in detail by the Government and after careful consideration of the subject, Government hereby decide to enhance and fix the uniform maintenance rates for SC/ST/BC/Minority/Disabled students staying in Department Attached Hostels as follows:

Till Now :

Existing rates of monthly maintenance charges for Department Attached Hostels
Category of students Gr.I Gr.II Gr..III Gr.IV
SCs/STs (*) 820 570 520
BC/Minority/Disabled 962 682 520 520


The enhanced rates shall come into effect from 09-12-2012 Given below:

Enhanced rates of monthly maintenance charges for Department Attached Hostels w.e.f  09-12-2012
Category of students Gr.I Gr.II Gr.III Gr.IV
SCs/STs (*) Rs.1,050/- per month
BC/Minority/Disabled  1050

The Commissioner of Social Welfare, Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Director of B.C. Welfare, Director of Disabled Welfare, Managing Director, A.P. State Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd., shall ensure that the revised guidelines for maintenance rates for Group-I (B.C, Minority & Disabled students only), Group-II, III & IV courses in Department Attached Hostels as indicated in the Table above are given effect from  09-12-2012.   They shall issue specific instructions and revised Menu commensurate to the enhancement of maintenance charges.

This order is issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O No. 7547 / 448 / A1 / Expr.SW / 2012,  dated:  07-12-2

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