Participation of A.P. Tourism in World Travel Market

World Travel Market is one of the premier International travel related events, which provides an effective platform for networking and meeting with executives and leaders from all segments of the tourist industry worldwide.

Government has decided to participate independently (not under pavilion of the MoT, GOI) with a stall space of 78.75 square meters for alluring more number of International tourists to the State duly promoting Andhra Pradesh rich culture, traditions, hospitality, heritage, Pilgirm Centre, Buddhist Heritage Sites, the Forts and Palaces etc for alluring more number of International tourists to the State.

M/s. Stark Communications (Cochin) Private Limited, Hyderabad has submitted estimated cost of Rs.61,79,800/-towards following items in connection with stall design of A.P. Tourism at WTM London – 2013. Accordingly, Government has issued work order in the reference 3rd read above.




Stall design charges


Stall fabrication, erection and dismantling


Trade Participation

cost of sending emails, collating responses, telecalling and finalizing list of participants



Cost of arranging 2 hostess (female) for 4 days




Stark – Consultation and co-ordination charges

Towards supervision, co-ordination and execution with suppliers, buyers, media for all stall related activities cost of arrangement of materials at Andhra Pradesh stall, visitors management, trade presentations, venue photography handing of queries, dissemination of info, facilitating meetings and on – site management.



Material packing, cargoing, paying of duty component, warehousing and transferring to venue

Cost of coordinating with official courier for collecting the consignment storage at their warehouse at London and delivery at one stand


Interaction meet


Local Transportation at London




Service Tax @ 12.36%




Government after examination of the matter hereby sanction an amount of Rs.61,79,800/- (Rupees Sixty One Lakhs Seventy Nine Thousand and Eight Hundred Only) to M/s. Stark Communications (Cochin) Private Limited, Hyderabad towards above said items in connection with stall design of A.P. Tourism in World Travel Market from 4th to 7th November, 2013 at Excel London.

The amount sanctioned at para-4 above shall be debited to the following Head of Account:-
“3452-Tourism, 01-Tourist Infrastructure, 102-Tourist Accommodation & Other facilities to Tourists – Schemes included in PLAN, 11- Normal State Plan, 19-PMU-International Marts / Fairs and Festivals – 500 Other Charges – 503 – Other expenditure”.

The Special Officer, Shilparamam, Hyderabad is directed to release 90% of the amount sanctioned at para- 4 above to M/s. Stark Communications (Cochin) Private Limited, Hyderabad and remaining 10% should be released after successful completion of the event on reimbursement basis from the Government.

The Assistant Secretary to Government and Drawing & Disbursing Officer, AT & C (PMU) Department shall draw the amount sanctioned at para – 4 above and shall reimburse the same to the Special Officer, Shilparamam, Hyderabad duly submitting paid bills to the Deputy Pay and Accounts Officer, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad through bank.

G.O.Rt.No. 780   Dated: 07-10-2013

 G.O.Rt.No. 603, YAT & C (PMU) Department, Dated: 30-07-2013.

  1. From M/s. Stark Communications (Cochin) Private Limited, Hyderabad, Lr., Dated: Nil.
  2. Government Letter.No. 1705/PMU/A(2)/2013, YAT & C (PMU) Department, Dated:           -10-2013.

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