Online Grievance Redressal Tracking System OGRTS – Implementation

Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Hyderabad to implement the Online Grievance Redressal Tracking System (Online Grievance Redressal Tracking System) in a decentralized manner at individual Urban Local Bodies by utilizing the existing infrastructure and manpower  and also to procure the (Online Grievance Redressal Tracking System) Software from the Director General , Centre for Good Governance on payment of Rs. 34,25,000/- (Rupees Thirty Four Lakhs Twenty Five Thousand only) towards one time cost of the Software Customization and Deployment of the web enabled Information Technology application to Register   Forward Escalate and track the stage of the grievances and capacity building for Municipal Officials of all Urban Local Bodies and maintenance of application for one Year, with the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration funding from available funds of Urban Local Bodies under different Schemes/General funds etc.

Home Page after LOGIN

Home Page after LOGIN

Municipal   Administration, Hyderabad in the reference has proposed   to constitute a Multi – disciplinary Project Implementation Committee with the following Members and requested the Government to approve the same for taking further action.

1  Sri. Bhaskar Katamneni, I.A.S, Project Director, Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project (APMDP).

2. Sri. Y.Satyanarayana , Joint Director O/o Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration.

3   Sri. Kadar Saheb, Joint Director O/o Commissioner and Director of  municipal Administration, Hyderabad

4. Sri. P.Gopinadh  MIS Expert,13tth Finance Commission

Steps Involved Service channels

1. Registering a Grievance: Citizen register grievances using any of the service channel. As far as internet is concerned, a web based application with customized home page is provided for all registered citizens. Via Telephone (Call centre), Web and Mobile

2. Automatic forwarding to the functionary: The registered complaints automatically forwarded to the respective functionary of Ramagundam Municipal Corporation on both the modes SMS and internet application (based on privileges) SMS, Internet

3. Automatic escalation as per citizen charter: Timelines are defined as per citizen charter and stored in the database. These timelines are tracked in the backend and escalates as per the figure 2 using both the modes i.e., SMS and internet SMS, Internet

4. Updation of action taken: The functionary updates the action taken using either of the modes i.e., SMS/ internet SMS, Internet

5. Knowing status: The citizen can see the status through any of the modes i.e., SMS, internet, email or Telephone to the call centre SMS, Internet, email and Telephone

Query/Complaint for the given below list will be solved by OGRTS. The Project started in Ramagundam Municipal Corporation.

(Debris) Construction material removal
Assessment of property tax
Borewell repair
Dead animals
Desilting of drains
Disposal of Building Permissions
Dog Menace
Drain pipeline leakage
Drains choking
Errors in demand notice
Fixation of new street lights
Forwarded Complaints
Garbage Removal
Illegal Tap Connections
Issue of B& D certificates
Laying of Roads and Construction of Drains
Loose Contact
Man holes choking
Manhole Replacement
Mosquito menace
Mutations (Change of name)
National Family Benefit Scheme
Non-filling of roads dug by private parties
Non-Supply of drinking water
On and Off of Street Light
On and Off Switches
Pavala Vaddi
Pensions – Issue of Pensions
Pot Holes
Provision of dust bins
Repair of Street Lights
Repairing of Man holes
Repairs of drains
Repairs to pipe line leakages
Repairs to Roads
Replacement of Street lights
Revision petitions
Sanction of Water Supply House Service Connection
Septic Tank Overflow
SHG Bank Linkage
Silt lifting
Spraying of Bleaching Powder
Stagnation of water
Stray animals
Sweeping of Roads
Unauthorized constructions
Unclaimed dead bodies
Water Tanker

The Website where you can register for services. Phone  number 08728 248777.

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