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Government of India has notified the Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2014, which envisages bifurcation of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh into States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on the Appointed Day of June 02, 2014. The provisions relating to the services of persons serving in connection with the affairs of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh are enshrined in Sections 77 to 81 of the Act Section 80 of the Act envisages establishment of a State Advisory Committee (SAC) for assisting the Central Government in discharing its functions under Part VIII of the Act and in ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all persons.

In order to assist the State Advisory Committee, it is essential for every department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide all relevant information of the employees for every unit of the department from village / municipal level to the head of department with details of sanctioned cadre strength for each category of posts. In this background, the Government hereby issue following instructions to all the Departments of Government of Andhra Pradesh to compile, validate and enter the data in the central database online at using the existing log in ID and the password of the head of the department.

(i) The information relating to all sanctioned regular posts has to be furnished by the secretariat departments for the secretariat establishment. Whereas, the Head of the Department is required to furnish information for all offices at all levels, including the special / project / adhoc / temporary offices under the control of the department from the village to the headquarters.

(ii) For every office of the department located from village level to the state level, including those at the mandal, divisional, district, zonal and state level, the number of sanctioned posts for every category of posts in each unit office along with number of posts filled with regular staff and number filled with those on deputation, contract, outsourcing, reemployed, retired employee, etc., shall be indicated. The number of vacant posts shall be computed duly deducting the posts occupied by regular staff from the total sanctioned posts.

(iii) All departments shall be guided by the provisions dealing with the unit of localisation in the service rules of their department with reference to the Andhra Pradesh Public Employment Order 1975 dated October 20, 1975 and the successive orders issued by the Government while reporting if a particular post located in a particular office is classified as local cadre (district, zonal, multi-zonal entirely within Telangana State or Andhra Pradesh) or state cadre. As a general principle, all posts other than local, district, zonal and multi-zonal (limited to either Andhra Pradesh or Telangana) posts may be treated as state cadre posts. All posts belonging to all cadres – including last grade, non-gazetted, gazetted, etc., – in the secretariat and head of the department may be treated as state-cadre posts unless otherwise classified.

(iv) With specific reference to the state-cadre posts and multi-zonal cadre posts, all persons working in these cadres shall be entered in the order of seniority, as per the existing seniority on March 01, 2014. If there is any dispute pending in any court of law with regard to seniority, the same shall be mentioned clearly along with details and the action being taken. However, mere inclusion of the name in the list or the order of seniority indicated in the list does not confer any right of seniority, if in dispute.

(v) Special care should be taken to ensure that details of the persons who are on leave, unauthorised absence, under suspension, on deputation to other government departments, working temporarily in other offices of the same departments on administrative order or working on deputation or any other modality with a foreign employer including other governments, Government of India, or any other agency, corporation, society, autonmous institution, private organisation, etc., shall be included strictly in the order of seniority in the state cadre / multi zone cadre.

(vi) It shall be the personal responsibility of the Head of the Department to ensure that all employees in state and multi-zone cadres are included and no individual is left out. The Head of the Department shall ensure accuracy of the data entered with regard to the position of the individual in the seniority in the respective state cadre / multi zonal cadre posts.

(vii) The total number of posts for each category of state cadre / multi zone cadre shall be reconciled with the sanction orders issued from the Finance (SMPC) Department. In any case the total number of posts sanctioned to be entered in application shall not exceed the number sanctioned for the department.

(viii) This information shall be furnished on or before March 31, 2014 positively. It shall be noted that extension of time will not be considered under any circumstances as this data is urgently required.

3. All the Department of the Secretariat and the Head of Departments shall take necessary action to furnish the error-free information before March 31, 2014. Each head of the department and the head of the secretariat department is requested to nominate a senior officer as the Nodal Officer exclusively for this purpose and inform his / her mobile number and email id to the Finance (SMPC II) Department at “”. The HoDs are requested to review the progress regularly and see that the information is furnished without any delay.

Online Collection of data  Local, State cadre and Multi-zonal posts in 2 states

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  • prema kumar d

    Sir, Gud mrng, great salute to your efforts. I need a help. if possible please send email to me. The question is what is sanctioned cadre strength of District BC Welfare Department whether it was in before separation or after separation. please let me know.