NTR Sujala Pathakam Supply of safe potable water in a can of 20 litres for Rs 2

Government of Andhra Pradesh  has taken a policy decision to implement “NTR Sujala Pathakam”, wherein 20 litres of safe drinking water in a can will be supplied to each household for Rs.2.00. Government also constituted a Cabinet Sub-Committee consisting of Hon’ble Ministers for Panchayat Raj & RWS, Irrigation & CAD and Municipal Administration & Urban Development. The first meeting of the Cabinet Sub-Committee is held on 20.6.2014 and Cabinet Sub-Committee among other things decided to constitute a Technical Experts Committee to go into various aspects for supply of safe potable water in a can of 20 litres for Rs.2.00 to be supplied to each household

On the decision of the Cabinet Sub-Committee, Government hereby constitute a Technical Experts Committee with the following experts to go into various aspects for supply of safe potable water in a can of 20 litres for Rs.2.00 to be supplied to each household under the scheme “NTR Sujala Pathakam”:

1. Sri R.Kondal Rao, Engineer-in-Chief (Rtd), Panchayat Raj, – Chairman Technical Advisor to PR & RD Dept.

2. Sri K.Ravi Babu, Chief Engineer, RWS&S, PR & RWS Dept., – ConvenerGovt. of A.P., Hyderabad.

3. The Deputy Advisor, Dept. of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Delhi

4. Sri M.Venkateshwara Rao, Engineer-in-Chief, Irrigation Dept., Govt. of A.P., Hyd.

5. Sri Dr.P.Pandu Ranga Rao,Engineer-in-Chief, Public Health Dept., Govt. of A.P., Hyd.

6. The Director, Institute of Preventive Medicine, A.P Hyderabad

7. A representative from NEERI, Nagpur.

8. A representative from UNICEF dealing with drinking water from Hyderabad.

The Committee may co-opt any representative/ expert of any relevant organizations as per the decision taken by the Committee


The Committee may examine the following issues besides any other specific issue it decides to bring it to the notice of the Government in connection with the supply of safe drinking water through Cans/ containers after purification or required processing:

1) Latest technology available for purification of the water for human consumption purpose for different types of contaminations and alternate technologies available including Reverse Osmosis process and identification of most cost effective technology.

2) The feasibility of setting up of plants in the villages by adopting latest technologies.

3) Various issues involved in setting up, Operation & maintenance of the plants by IKPs/SHGs/ Women Groups/ NGOs/Corporate houses.

4) Different capacities of the plants and optimum capacity/utilization of the plants to be considered.

5) The cost of the plants of different capacities.

20 litres for Rs.2.00 to be supplied to each household under the scheme NTR Sujala Pathakam

6) The probable number of the plants required to be set up and the total cost involved for setting up of the plants.

7) Suggestable sources for drawing water for treatment or purification and to examine whether the existing sources are adequate to meet the required demand.

8) The methodology to be adopted for safe disposal of sludge without causing any environmental or ecological problems.

9) The quality control test required to be conducted for ensuring supply of safe and pure water conforming to standard specifications.

The Chief Engineer, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Department, A.P, Hyderabad shall take initiative to convene the Committee as early as possible a detailed report containing observations and recommendations of the Committee shall be furnished to the Government by 10th July 2014, positively.

Government of Andhra Pradesh order G.O.Rt.No. 740 Dated: 25 June 2014.

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