New Capital forAndhra Pradesh GO 143 dated 6 June 2014 Contribution from various sections

On reorganization of the State of Andhra Pradesh duly creating a new State of Telangana with effect from 2nd June, 2014, donations are forthcoming from various quarters for development of a New Capital for the Successor State of Andhra Pradesh. Many voluntary organizations are also collecting donations.

2. Government after careful consideration hereby decide to open a separate Deposit Account under CM Relief Fund under Public Account to
mobilize all the donations that are being forthcoming from various quarters for the development of a New Capital for the Successor State of Andhra

3. Accordingly, Government hereby order that –

(a) the Deposit shall be named as Andhra Pradesh State New Capital Development Fund.
(b) the Deposit shall come into force with effect from 8th June,2014.
(c) the Deposit shall be operated as Personal Deposit Account and the Secretary to Government/Principal Secretary to Government Revenue Department shall be the Administrator of the PD Account.
(d) the donations made to the fund shall be credited to this Personal Deposit Account and formal receipts to the donors shall be issued on behalf of the Government by the Secretary to Government/Principal Secretary to Government Revenue Department or nominee. 2

(e) the donations thus received shall be utilized for construction and development of a new capital city for the new State ofAndhra Pradesh;
(f) the accounts of the Deposit shall figure in the deposit section under K Deposits and Advances
(b) Deposits not bearing interest 8443 – Civil Deposits MH 800 – Other Deposits S.H.(02) – CM’s Relief Fund 001 – Calamities Relief and other Philanthropy 002 – Andhra Pradesh State New Capital Development and included in the Public Account (Volume-IV of the Budget Document)

Account Number : 007501546217 ICICI Bank IFSC Code: ICIC0000075

(g) the accounts shall be audited by the State Audit Department and by the Principal Accountant General.

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