New Annampalli Aqueduct across Vrudha Gowthami River in Annampalli

Government have accorded Administrative Approval for Rs.14.00 crores (Rupees fourteen crores only) for the work of  construction of new Annampally aqueduct across Vrudha Gowthami River in Annampally (V) limits and ratified the action of the ENC(I), Hyderabad in having instructed the Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Dowlaiswaram to initiate Tender procedure in view of the urgency.

Government have accorded revised administrative sanction for Rs.15.71 crores due to change in SSR.

Government have accepted the proposal of the Commissionerate of Tenders and permitted to award the work “Construction of new Annampally Aqueduct across Vrudha Gowthami River in Annampalli (V) limits in Godavari Central Delta of East Godavari District to MAYTAS INFRA LTD., at their quoted value of Rs.23,80,73,915/-

Government have accorded administrative approval to the 1st revised estimate for the “Construction of new Annampally queduct across Vrudha Gowthami River in Annampalli (V) limits in Godavari Central Delta of East Godavari District for an amount of

Engineer-in-Chief (IW) has informed that the Committee of Chief Engineers have recommended for according  administrative approval to the revised estimate of the work of construction of new Annampally Aqueduct at Km.0.500 of Polavaram main Channel across Vrudha Gowthami River, near Annampalli(V) limits in Godavari Central Delta of East Godavari District.

6. The Committee of Chief Engineers during the meeting on 22-11-2013 have examined the following main reasons explained by the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation) for the deviation.

1. Change of design and Drawings in respect of Toe wall as per CE/CDO approval.
2. Changes in the connected quantities of pile concrete, pile liner, Z – sheet pile and reinforcement steel as per approved drawings.
3. Receipt of Designs & Drawings for the Head Regulator at U/s and Protection wall at D/s after submission of 1st R.E. to Government and consequent increase in quantities of CC/RCC items and Reinforcement.

4. Provision towards Price Adjustment for Steel, Cement and Fuel.
5. Increase in the L.S. items like VAT and Labour Cess, etc.,

7. After detailed discussions, the Committee of Chief Engineers, have  recommended for 2nd Revised Administrative Approval for Rs.58,63,20,800/-

8. Government after careful examination hereby accord 2nd revised administrative approval to the revised estimate Annampalli aqueduct across Vrudha Gowthami River in Annampally (V) Limits in G.C. Delta of East Godavari District for an amount of Rs.5631.094 Lakhs ( Rupees Fifty Six Crores Thirty One Lakhs Nine Thousand Four Hundred Only) subject to condition that the
deviations in the Revised Estimate show that Department Engineers have not followed provisions of G.O.Ms.No.94, Dt.01-07-2003 and detailed investigation was not done at the time of preparation of the estimate and correctness of Price Adjustment as per the Agreement conditions and Government orders.

9. The Expenditure is debited to the Head of Account: “4701 – COL on M&MI (01) – MI Commercial – MH114 – GPS – GH – 11 – Normal State Plan Sub Head (27) canals and distributaries – 530 Major Work – 531 OE”.

10. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (W&P) Department vide their U.O.No.280/F7/A1/2014, Dt.15-02-2014.


G.O.Rt.No. 166 Dated:16-04-2014.
Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.128, I&CAD (PW-GENL) Dept., Dt.13-08-2003.
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6.From the Engineer-in-Chief (IW), Hyderabad, Lr.No.ENC/ IW/P&M/EE.III/DEE.10/AEE.3/REs/351/13 Dt.06-12-2013.

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