Detailed Estimate and Execution of Water Supply Scheme in Atmakur

Government of Andhra Pradesh have approved the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) system for implementation of projects/works sanctioned under various schemes including centrally sponsored schemes like Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission in all Municipal Corporations, Municipalities for expeditious completion of works with an estimated cost of Rs.10.00 crores and above.

Government have accorded Administrative sanction to the  Engineer-in-Chief  (PH),  Hyderabad,  towards  taking  up  of  Comprehensive  Water Supply improvement scheme in Atmakur Municipality, Sri Potti Sreeramulu Nellore District, at an estimated cost of Rs.65.70 Crores (Rupees Sixty five crores and seventy lakhs only).

The  Engineer-in-Chief  (PH),  Hyderabad,  has stated that, initially the tenders for the above said work received on e-procurement platform  were  processed  and  placed  before  the  Tender  Committee-II  (EPC)  on 18.5.2013.   The Committee-II have observed that, single bidder participated in the tender, i.e. M/s. Indian Hume Pipe Co., Limited, Mumbai, who have satisfied all the eligible criteria as per NIT and found responsive and the price bid was opened, as agreed by the Committee. As the price bid is (+) 4.4998 % excess, Engineer-in-Chief (PH) has informed the Tender Committee that new SSR will come into force from June’ 2013 and in case of re-tendering, there is possibility of receiving tender bids with increased value and in the recent past the tenders for similar works were received around 5% excess over estimate. He has also stated that the Board of Chief Engineers has recommended to delegate power to competent engineer to approve single tender not more than 5% received on e-procurement platform. The Engineer-in-Chief(PH) has also requested the Committee to consider the single bid in view of these facts and in interest of speedy completion of work. After discussions, the Committee-II have requested the Engineer-in- Chief(PH) to submit detailed report for further examination of the tender committee.

Accordingly, the Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad, have submitted his report, along with following justification in the reference 4th read above and recommended for acceptance of the single tender of M/s. Indian Hume Pipe Co., Limited, Mumbai, by the tender committee.i)     that the trend of tenders for the similar water supply projects sanctioned in the recent time were up to 5% excess.

ii)    that  the  new SSR will come into force from  June  2013  and  in  case  of re-tendering, the IBM value will be increased.

iii)   the   board   of   Chief   Engineers   during   meeting   held on 15.3.2008,
recommended  to  Government  to  delegate  powers  to the competent

Engineers to approve single tenders not more than 5% excess, since the secrecy   is   always   maintained   in   respect   of   tenders   received   on e-procurement platform.

During the meeting held on 22.5.2013, the Committee-II   examined the recommendations of the Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad and after detailed discussion decided to recommend to approve the single tender for the following work.

Name of the


Name of

the Agency

Internal Bench

Mark(IBM) Value


Tendered value




Investigation,survey, preparation of             detailed Estimate  Execution   of Comprehensive Water Supply Scheme   in Atmakur,   Sri   PSR Nellore      District, under EPC System. M/s.  Indian

Hume   Pipe

Co.,     Ltd., Mumbai

Rs.59,69,14,000/- Rs.62,37,74,079/- (+)

4.4998% Excess

The Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad, has therefore submitted proposals to the Government in terms of the instruction issued in the Government Memo for approval of the tender committee recommendation in the matter.

Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby approve the recommendation of Tender Committee-II and accord  permission  to  the  Engineer-in- Chief(PH), Hyderabad, to award the work Atmakur water supply improvements scheme in Sri Potti Sreeramulu Nellore District,  mentioned at para ( 5 ) above to M/s. Indian Hume Pipe Co. Limited, Mumbai, who have quoted for Rs.62,37,74,079/- @ (+) 4.4998% excess over Internal Bench Mark Value of Rs.59,69,14,000/-.

The Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad shall take necessary action, accordingly.

G.O.Rt.No. 900 Dated:28-5-2013.Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.504, MA&UD (A1) Department, dated 12.07.2007.

2. Govt. Memo No.3132/I1/2008, MA&UD Department, dated 13.03.2008.

3. G.O.Rt.No.449, MA&UD(K1) Department, dt.28.3.2013.

4. From the Engineer-in-Chief(PH), Hyderabad, Lr.No.AE/T4/ATKR/WSIS/2013, Dt.21.5.2013.

5. From the Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad, Lr.No.27/AE/T4/ATKR/WSIS/2013, dt.22.5.2013.

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