Neeru Chettu Pragati Programme Encouraging Engineering students 1

Government has announced 90 days campaign on water conservation – Neeru-Pragathi Udyamam – 90 Rojulu, from 20th April -2017 to 20th July-2017 in all Districts duly involving Government and non– Government functionaries including College/ University faculty and students. The campaign besides focusing on works to betaken up for water conservation, also aims at a large scale involvement of College / University faculty and students besides an active media / publicity campaign and awareness building through various cultural programmes.

2. There is a lot of scope for studying different aspects of water Resources evaluation and management in the State.Some of the issues related t o conservation and water security were identified and the list of subjects were Already communicated to all District Collectors. Students are to been couraged to interact with the field engineers and water users.It is also proposed to encourage the Engineering students to take up Project works related to water conservation and water security.

3. The Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation, Vijayawada videreference 3Rdread above has requested to allot Rs. 2.00 Lakhsto each Engineering College to meet t he expenditure ofpreparing t he project report s by the students.

4. The Government after careful examination herebypermitt he Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation to allot s Rs. 2.00Lakhs to each Engineering College to meett he expenditure ofpreparing t he project reports by the students. The expenditure shall be met from Neeru-Chettu Head of Account 4702 -101 -11–SH 21 -530 /531.

5. The District Collectors shall take necessary act ion inthis regard immediately.

6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance(FMU WRI) Dept vide their U.O.No. 47027/209/(FMU WRD I)/2017,dt :28.06.2017.

Water Resources Department – Minor irrigation – Neeru-Chettu /Neeru- Pragati Programme–Encouraging Engineering students for taking up the project works with water related issues

Allotment of Rs. 2.00 Lakhs for each Engineering College to meet the expenditure – Orders issued.

G.O.RT.No. 338 Dated: 03-07-2017 Read the following
1.G.O. Rt . No: 187, Water Resources (CAD) Dept .Dt.19.04.2017.
2.G.O. Rt . No: 188, Water Resources (CAD) Dept .Dt 20.02.2016.
3.From Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation LetterNo: DCE-I/ OT2/T2 / Neeru- Pragathi –Allotment of funds t o all EngineeringCollege, Dt:01-05-2017.

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