NAIS – Subsidy for Plantation Crops Viz, Rubber, Tea, Coffee, Tobacco 1

The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad in his letter, the Addl. Secretary, Commerce & Industry, GOI vide his D.O letter dt.3/12/2012, have requested the Government of A.P for furnishing the State Government views regarding sharing of 25% premium subsidy for the commercial Plantations i.e Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Tobacco and Cardamom. The premium sharing pattern proposed is 50%, 25% and 25% borne by the Central Govt, State Government and Farmer share respectively. In this pattern, the Agricultural Insurance Company of India, New Delhi have worked out the tentative premium liability of A.P. state Government for Rs. 1231.08 lakhs for a period of 5 years during XII Five Year Plan.

He has further stated that, the estimated State share of premium subsidy is very small and it is around Rs. 2.5 crores per annum. Therefore, to encourage and safe guard the interest of the growers of Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Tobacco & Cardamom Plantations, State Government may accept the proposals made by the Addl. Secretary, GOI for providing 25% of premium subsidy.

In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad above, the Government, after careful examination hereby accept his proposal and accord Administrative sanction, to implement the National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS by providing 25% of premium subsidy to the crops mentioned in the proposal 1st read above, subject to following the rules as in vogue and on the sharing pattern shown there. The release of the funds will be considered whenever GOI releases it share premium subsidy.

The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad shall take further necessary action in the matter.

This orders issues with the concurrence of the Finance (EAC) Department vide their U.O. No.19435/424/A2/EAC/2013, Dt.25.07.2013

G.O.Rt.No. 1045 Dated :14.08.2013.

From the C&DA, Hyderabad, Lr.No. Crop.Ins.(1) 20/2012, Dated:.01/01/2013.

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