Multi Village Schemes in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department

1) RWS&SD is the nodal agency for implementation of RWS&S Programmes in the state. The DW facilities are being provided by various types such as bore wells fitted with hand pumps, Single Village Schemes and Multi Village Schemes under various grants
like NRDWP, NABARD, HUDCO and State Plan etc. The Department is committed to achieve the goal of providing every rural person with adequate safe water for drinking purpose.

2) The department has already created huge assets of Drinking Water Schemes and many more schemes are on the anvil. The durability, sustainability and serviceability of the schemes depend primarily on the Quality Assurance being exercised during execution and Quality Control by random checking so as to ensure Quality of construction as per standards. The basic requirement of Quality Management System in RWS&S Schemes shall enable to control and manage the quality as per the standards to the specified requirements to the best satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

3) The RWS&SD formulate and design the DW Schemes, selects qualified construction contractor or agency as per the procedures laid down by the Government for execution of the schemes. The construction agency is responsible to establish best quality construction as per the specifications and standards.

4) As per para 24 of GO Ms no 94 dated 1-07-13 the Contractor and Engineers in charge of construction /maintenance are responsible for the quality of construction/maintenance. The departmental executing engineers will act as Quality Assurance Engineers. The Field Engineers, in-charge of execution oversee the implementation of quality in construction and product delivery.

5) As per para 3.01.7 of GO Ms no 195 dated 10-05-99 of PR&RD the provision is made as follows.

Emphasis on the quality will be paramount. The concerned departments are directed to strengthen the quality control machinery of the Government by keeping a separate Chief Engineer for Quality Control to work under the direct control of Government.

6) Vide GO Ms No 248 dated. 07-07-2008 the Government have appointed Chief Engineer for Vig&QC wing with a direction to the Engineer-In-Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad to issue detailed guidelines regarding Vigilance and Quality Control in RWS&S Department.

7) The Chief Engineer, Vigilance and Quality Control shall conduct surprise checks of works and quality control measures being adopted and executed in RWS&S Department periodically and if any deviations, irregularities noticed in execution of works he will submit a detailed report to the Engineer-In-Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad for appropriate action against the erring officials.

8) The Chief Engineer, Vig & QC, shall take action in conducting enquiry in to all the allegations on irregularities in execution of works and financial misappropriations, if any against the field staff and submit a detailed report to the Government (RWS&S), Hyderabad for necessary action. He shall also inquire or cause enquiry in to the adverse reports in press and from public representatives on execution of works and submit a detailed report to the Government, RWS&S, Hyderabad.

9) In view of increasing work load and meager manpower available in V&QC wing, to ensure foolproof scientific QC and management system and facilities at all stages for the development and implementation of the major projects, it is felt necessary to take services of independent Third Party Consultancy till departmental V&QC wing is strengthened.

10) Vide reference third cited (1) the Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad was requested to work out detailed responsibilities to ensure quality of works and material by giving appropriate authority to different levels of officers depending up on the value of work and also (2) the Chief Engineer, V&QC, RWS&S was requested to propose the Government appropriate methodology to get the quality audit /control work done through the 3rd party.

11. Vide references fourth and fifth cited, proposals were received from the Chief Engineer, V&QC, RWS&S, Hyderabad and the Engineer in- Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad accordingly.

12. The Center for Good Governance in its final report of ‘comprehensive study on Third Party Quality Control System for RWS Schemes, AP’ has also made some suggestions and recommendations.


13. Government, after careful examination of the issue accorded approval for deployment of TPQC services in all new and ongoing MVS Schemes where expenditure is less than
75% of Administrative Approval till departmental V&QC wing is strengthened. The TPQC services shall commence along with execution part of the civil work by the construction agency right from the beginning and continue till the completion of MVS in all aspects as specified in agreements. The TPQC consultant shall ensure the QA
&QC as per specifications mentioned in the work.

14. The supervision of departmental V&QC Wing shall continue its role in respect of all schemes except MVS. However, the departmental V&QC Wing shall oversee the activities of TPQC being taken up in MVS works as required
15. The reports of the TPQC should be reviewed by the V&QC wing as per REGIMEN of
Quality Assurance. Detection of systematic flaws in the quality control process and action to improve the process by way of conducting training classes to the field engineers, technical agents of the contractors and TPQC engineers. Performance of the TPQC needs to be evaluated by the concerned VIG &QC wing on regular basis.

16. The additional staff required for departmental V&QC wing shall be provided by the Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad as follows on deputation basis immediately up to Dy.EE cadre in proportion to posts filled vis-à-vis sanctioned posts in the Department (RWS&S). The SE/EE shall be filled on I/c basis from Dy.EEs (regular) till additional posts are created, by paying them additional charge allowance from NRDWP funds.



No. of Posts


Superintending Engineer



Executive Engineers



Deputy Executive Engineers



Asst.Exe Engineers/ Asst. Engineers









Senior/Jr Assistants



Office Sub-ordinates





17.     The Government, after careful examination also accorded approval for appointment of   one state level quality monitor to perform fact finding and advisory role on implementation of Quality Assurance and Control in RWS Schemes through random inspections and directly reports to the Government.

The selection of SQMs shall be based on the recommendations of independent selection committee being constituted by the Government in Para 21.

18.      The  Chief Engineer, V&QC, Hyderabad shall  prepare and  communicate (1)  the standard documents like ToR, RFP including eligibility criteria etc for engaging TPQC consultant and SQMs, (2) inspection schedule and module for SVS and MVS Schemes that are to be followed by departmental V&QC wing and TPQC consultant respectively duly taking inputs from the independent selection committee and experiences of APRWSSP within 15 days of issue of this G.O.

The Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad is requested to fix criteria for selection of SQMs.

19.A) The powers for conducting pre delivery quality control inspection of 100% of materials are hereby delegated to the concerned field engineers for inspection and certification as per the proposals submitted by the Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad vide reference fifth cited.

Sl. No. Work Costing Inspection officers
1 Rs.5.00 crores and above C.E.   concerned,   and   field   SE/EE/Dy.EE., RWS&S  concerned.  The  C.E  concerned  will

issue the test certificates.

2 Work  costing less than  Rs. 5.00 crores up to Rs.1.00 crores. Superintending  Engineer,  RWS&S  concerned along with field EE/DEE/AEE/AE RWS&S. The

SE (RWS) concerned will issue test certificates.

3 Works  costing  less  than  Rs.1.00 crores up to 10.00 lakhs. E.E   (RWS&S)   concerned   along   with   field

DEE/AEE/AE RWS&S. The EE (RWS) concerned will issue the test certificates.

4 Work  costing less  than  Rs.10.00 lakhs. Dy.EE RWS&S concerned along with concerned along   with   field   AEE/AE.   The   a)   Dy.EE

concerned will issue the test certificates.

B.       10% of above material selected at random should be inspected by CE, V&QC on TPQC after the material is delivered on all the parameters specified in agreement.

20.     The Chief Engineers, V&QC shall cause to call for outsourcing of TPQC for each MVS after technical sanction of the estimate. The Chief Engineer, V&QC shall monitor the activity of engaging TPQC for each project.   A provision shall be made in the main estimate on civil work component for hiring of TPQC services through Part C.  Chief Engineer, V&QC shall engage the TPQC agency based on Part C sanction.  It is to be ensured  that  the  TPQC  agency  shall  be  on  the  job  before  commencement  of execution of work by the construction agency.  The amount as per Part C should be drawn & kept in CE, V&QC A/c separately created for this called “QC fund”. The TPQC agency should not be a part of neither in project construction nor in        project management in any other work in RWS&S Dept.

A separate estimate shall be prepared and got approved  for engaging TPQC services  duly considering the establishment of labs, tests to be conducted, duration of service etc with the following provision on estimate cost of the work.



Up to Rs 10.00 crores 1%
Above Rs 10.00 crores 0.5% or Rs 10.00 Lakshs which ever is more


Chief Engineer, V&QC shall formulate guidelines for preparation of Quality Control estimates of DPR within 15 days of issue of this G.O.

21.     The committee constituted with the following members shall review the efficacy of TPQC policy for every 6 months and suggest appropriate corrective measures if any. The  committee  also  selects  SQMs  based  on  their  experiences,  strength  and reputation and recommend the remuneration.

Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad              Chair-man

Chief Engineer, V&QC, RWS&S                        Convener

Project Director, APRWSSP  Member Chief Engineer, NABARD Member Chief Engineer, NRDWP  Member

22.     The Executive Engineers Vig & QC concerned are authorized to effect payments of bills pertaining to TPQC as per existing financial code & rules.

23.     Employing the Third Party Consultancy Services in the RWS&SD does not absolve the responsibilities of the Contractor and Construction Staff in maintaining the Quality Assurance measures in execution of works like establishing QC labs at work site, conducting field tests and maintaining QC registers etc as per the agreement conditions and rules in vogue.

24.     The Superintending Engineer, Rural water supply concerned should monitor the 1st tier Quality assurance mechanism to function effectively at all levels i.e., AEE,DEE,EE&SE level and by the contractor  in order to ensure Quality with ZERO PERCENT tolerance and timely completion of works as a part of Project Management.


25.     The  Superintending  Engineer,  Rural  water  supply  should  conduct  management meetings monthly with all the stake holders and review the NON-confirmation reports issued by the TPQC, corrective action reports done by the construction engineers and should suggest preventive action to be taken to reduce the non-conformaties.

26.     The chief engineer concerned should review not only the progress of works as per mile stones but also action taken reports   by the construction staff based on the reports of TPQC and should take appropriate action for any negligence both by the contractor and construction staff.

27.     The committee constituted at para -21 should review the TPQC policy based on the documentation reports mentioned at para23,24 ,25&26.

28.     The Chief Engineer, Quality Control shall follow all the codal provisions and orders issued by the Government from time to time to ensure quality assurance and quality control. The Chief Engineer, Quality Control can engage the services of external agencies to conduct quality audit as and when required.

29.    The Chief Engineer, Vig&QC shall review and oversee the activities of QA &QC periodically being executed by construction staff, contractor and TPQC consultant and evolve punitive action against the executing officials /agencies for which the Chief Engineer, V&QC shall evolve the guidelines.   All expenditures towards QC can be booked from Quality Control funds.

30.     The TPQC consultants bidding for Quality Control work in the RWS&S Department should not engage in construction work in the Department either directly or indirectly and they should give
G.O.Rt. No. 1562 Dated:05-09-2013
1. GO Ms No 195, PR&RD (Procgs II) Dept dated 10-05-99 of Government of AP.
2. GO Ms No 94, Irrigation &CAD (PW-COD) Dept., dated 1.7.2003 of Government of AP.
3. Memo No 17222/Vig II/AI/2012 Dated 25-07-12 of Secretary to the Government, RWS&S, Hyderabad.
4. Letter no AEE1/DEEIII/PMC-SVS-SVS-TPQC/12Dated 24-08-12 of Chief Engineer, V&QC, RWS&S, Hyderabad.
5. Letter no T2/DEE(T)/V&QC Proposals/2011, Dated 1-10-12 of Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad.

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