Mini Digital Theatres at Andhra Pradesh Y Screens YSTD centres

Mini Digital Theatres at Andhra Pradesh Y Screens YSTD centres Managing Director, Y- Screens Entertainment (India) Ltd., Vijayawada had represented that Y-Screens with its brand name as “YSTD CENTRE” is aiming to establish 700 centres with 1000 screens spread over in 674 Mandals in urban, semi-urban and Rural areas. These centres provide entertainment coupled with the services of “ Mee-Seva Delivery Systems, Girijan Co-operative kendras, Courier Services, ATMs, Food Courts, Retail Spaces etc., which cater to the needs of public and in turn provide employment opportunities to nearly 60 people directly and 200 people indirectly in each YSTD centre.

The Managing Director, Y- Screens has therefore requested the Government to extend some incentives, flexibility in screening shows and rates of admission in the areas of operation of YSTD centres irrespective of its location, as was done in the case of Y-Screens located at Pandit Nehru Bus Station, Vijayawada vide G.O. 1st read above. He further requested for Single Window Clearance of establishing “ YSTD” Centres in the entire State, since the centres provide employment opportunities on the scale and lines of small enterprises.

Government of Andhra Pradesh with exercise of the powers conferred under Section – 12 of A.P. Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1955 and under clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of rule – 11 (B) of the A.P Cinemas (Regulation) Rule, 1970., hereby permit the Y-Screens Entertainment (India) Ltd., Vijayawada to screen five (5) shows per day with a rate of admission of Rs.100/- (Rupees hundred only) per each ticket in the Y-Screens that may be established in “ YSTD” centres throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh.

The concerned Joint Collector and Licensing Authority while issuing B – Form Licence shall inspect the “ Y-SCREENS in YSTD Centres “ in implementing the conditions as stipulated therein in the Annexure to these Government Orders and also orders / instructions issued by the Government from time to time if any, by the Management of Y-Screens Entertainment (India) Limited, Vijayawada.

With regard to Single Window Clearance for establishing “YSTD “Centres, the Industries Department, will take further necessary action separately.
CONDITIONS FOR Y-Screens in YSTD Centres

1) The CCTV system shall be maintained without any interruption.

2) Night vision cameras to be installed specially at the Box Office to capture the images of the patrons buying tickets during the late evening hours.

3) The rates of tickets and rates of online Cinema ticket service charges with the name of the agency shall be exhibited at the counter and in any other conspicuous manner.

4) The corridors, area earmarked for lobby and parking for the use of cine-goers, should not be let out for any commercial or other purpose.

5) No vehicle shall be parked or allowed to stand in such a way as to obstruct exits or impede the rapid dispersal of persons accommodated, in the event of fire or panic.

6) Emergency evacuation plan shall be drawn and got approved by the licensing authority within one month. (Uphaar Theatre- Hon’ble Supreme Court Directions).

7) A short documentary shall be screened during every show by showing the exits, emergency escape routes and instructions as to what to do and what not to do in the case of fire or other hazards (Uphaar Theatre – Hon’ble Supreme Court Directions).

8) The staff / ushers including security staff should be periodically trained to operate the fire safety equipment during emergency in fire drills and evacuation procedures to provide support to the patrons in case of fire or any other calamity. Mock drills shall be conducted once every 6 months. (Uphaar Theatre- Hon’ble Supreme Court Directions).

9) While the Theatres are entitled to regulate the exit through doors other than the entry door, under no circumstances should the entry door (which can act as an emergency exit in the event of fire or other emergency) be bolted from outside. At the end of the show, the ushers may request the patrons to use the exit doors by placing a temporary barrier across the entry gate which should be easily movable (Uphaar Theatre – Hon’ble Supreme Court Directions).

10) The emergency department telephone numbers of the nearest Hospitals, Police Station and Fire Department shall be displayed in every show.

11) The Management should facilitate periodical inspection by the Fire Officer concerned.

12) The Management should obtain insurance coverage for all the employees and audience/visitors/vendors.

13) The Management shall ensure all safety measures including fire safety measures as prescribed by Government National Building Code and other statutes or orders issued by Government from time to time.

14) There should be no modifications to the available parking area as seen in the re-inspection report to avoid reduction in parking area.

15) Toilets should be clean and hygienically maintained, adequate number of wash basins of porcelain / stainless steel shall be provided along with soap to wash hands, with warm running water, and hot air for cleaning hands and drying them hygienically. Clean and dry towels shall be kept for the use of customers. Under no circumstances should the toilets and wash- basins be clogged and in a stinking condition. Any complaint in this regard will be viewed seriously.

16) The rates of food items, snacks and beverages sold in the premises shall at reasonable rates and should never exceed the retail price printed thereon. Foodstuffs and snacks should always be fresh and hygienically packed. There shall be no exploitation of customers in this regard. Any complaint in this regard will result in imposition of severe penalties.

17) The patrons shall be provided with lifts / escalators for exit at the end of the shows on par with such facility provided at the time of entering the theatre.

18) All gangways, exits and treads of steps and stairways shall be maintained with no slippery surfaces at all times.

19) Adequate valet parking staff and security guards should be provided for a parking convenience, safety and traffic regulation at entry and exit.

20) There should be smooth finish in the space between the road and entry/exit of the Mall.

21) Air conditioners should be maintained in proper condition, and if found not working severe penalty will be imposed.

22 ) Fresh and clean drinking water must be provided for the patrons.

23) Women Help Desk: The Management shall arrange for Women Help Desk to help/assist women patrons especially for night shows

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