MGNREGS Local Vigilance and Monitoring Committee at Gram Panchayat Level

The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development vide his note second read above has stated that Government of India vide reference have issued operational guidelines (4th Edition, 2013) under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) for formation of Local Level
Vigilance and Monitoring Committees at Gram Panchayat Level. He further stated that the Vigilance and Monitoring Committee should consist of about 10 members, half of whom shall be women, with
representation for SCs and STs in proportion to their population.

The Vigilance Monitoring Committee should be appointed/ nominated/elected by the Grama Sabha for period of 6 (six) months but not exceeding one year. He, further stated that, MGNREGS is a vast programme and requires frequent monitoring for maintaining transparency in its implementation. Hence, the Commissioner,
Panchayat Raj & Rural Development requested the Government to issue orders constituting Local Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committees in the State.

2. Government have examined the proposal and hereby order for constitution of the Local Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committees at Gram Panchayat Level as follows:

1) Janma Bhoomi Committee members – 6 (Six)

2) Representatives from the Village Organization(VO) – 1 (one)

3) Representatives from the Srama Shakthi Sangalu (SSS) Federation – 2 (two)

The role and responsibilities of Vigilance Monitoring Committees shall be as detailed below:-

a) The Vigilance and Monitoring Committee should act as a forum for concurrent social audit.

b) The Vigilance and Monitoring Committee’s report should be placed at the next meeting of the Gram Sabha in the Panchayat where work has been executed.

c) The Vigilance and Monitoring Committee will make its report public and have it uploaded on the website through the Information and Facilitation Centers. Functions of Vigilance and Monitoring Committee:-

a) To see that all eligible wage seekers shall get Job cards.

b) All Job Card Holders shall be provided 100 days work with minimum wage as prescribed by the Act.

c) Required shelf of works shall be created.

d) The rights of the wage seekers shall be protected

e) Entitlements of Gram Panchayat shall be ensured

f) Visit work sites and interact with workers.

g) Verify records and onsite facilities.

h) Assess quality of the works done under wage and material.

4. The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.

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