Mana Vittana Kendralu MVK Operational Procedure

The Director of Agriculture, A.P., Guntur has stated that Groundnut seed is being distributed under CMSS programme through Mana Vittana Kendralu since 2014-15 and during Kharif -2016 about 10000 qtls of Groundnut seed and 40 qtls of different crop seed under Navadhanya scheme.

The Programme is meant to promote Production and distribution of seed locally from farmer to farmer and to promote the supervision of farmers organisations over the quality of seed. Through this process quality seed can be arranged at lower prices to farmers. More important, it ensures timely availability of quality seed at the time of sowing at reasonable prices and insures from any abnormal price rise on account of the off season. Further, Department of Agriculture will not be at the mercy of private seed suppliers when the market prices of seeds are rising.

2. A series of meetings were held by Spl Chief Secretary (A&C) with Director of Agriculture, APSSDCL and WASSAN, to finalize Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for strengthening MVKs and a draft Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) has been submitted by the Director of Agriculture, A.P., Guntur.

3. Government after careful examination, hereby approved the Standard Operational Procedure for strengthening Mana Vittana Kendralu (MVKs) which was annexed to the Government Order. The Director of Agriculture is further informed that latest technology and equipment be used to supply best quality seeds to farmers.

4. The Director of Agriculture, A.P., Guntur shall take further necessary action accordingly.

Seeds – Community Managed Seed System (CMSS) through Mana Vittana Kendralu (MVKs) – Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) – Approved- Orders – Issued.


From the Director of Agriculture, A.P., Guntur, letter No.SC(5)/17/2015,       dated:19.09.2016.

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