Machilipatnam Municipality – Certain financial irregularities leading to embezzlement of Government funds

The General Administration (V&E) Department have conducted an enquiry on the allegations of Misappropriation of funds by the Municipal Staff of Machilipatnam Municipality leading to embezzlement of Government funds and submitted a report to Government.

Based on the report of Vigilance & Enforcement, disciplinary proceedings have been instituted against Smt P. Samanthakamani, Sr. Assistant and other officials of Machilipatnam Municipality under Rule 20 of APCS (CC&A) Rules, 1991.  Government have also initiated criminal proceedings against them.  In the reference 5th  read above, orders were issued for prosecution against Smt P. Samanthakamani, Sr. Assistant.

In respect of disciplinary case, the charged officers have submitted their written statements of defence and having not satisfied with the statement of defense,  Government have entrusted the case to Commissioner of Inquiries by appointing Smt. Chandana Khan, I.A.S., Commissioner of Inquiries to enquire into the charges framed against all charged officers. The Enquiry Officer has submitted enquiry report.

Government  after examination of the enquiry  report,  have communicated a copy of enquiry report to Smt P. Samanthakamani, Sr. Assistant and others of Machilipatnam Municipality for their written representation on the findings of Enquiry Officer under sub rule (2) of Rule 21 of APCS (CC&A) Rules, 1991. The charged officer has submitted her explanation on the findings of Enquiry Officer. Meanwhile, in the reference 9th read above, Smt P. Samanthakamani, Sr. Asst., has filed O.A.No.3088/2012 in the Hon’ble APAT to treat the period of suspension as on duty. In the reference 11th read above the Hon’ble A.P. Administrative Tribunal in its order dated 20-09-2012 in OA No.3088/2012 has directed the respondents to finalise and conclude the disciplinary proceedings initiated aginst the applicant. In the reference 12th cited, the Hon’ble APAT has issued  Contempt  Notice  dt.07-08-2012 in  O.A.No.3088/2011  filed  by  Smt  P. Samanthakamani, Sr. Asst.,

Government after careful examination of the matter and in compliance with the orders of the Hon’ble APAT in O.A.No.3088/2012, dt.20-09-2012 hereby drop further action against Smt P. Samanthakamani, Sr. Assistnat Machilipatnam Municipality in the disciplinary case, without prejudice to the criminal case pending against her before the Hon’ble Spl. Judge for SPE & ACB cases, Vijayawada.

The   Director   of   Municipal   Administration,   Hyderabad   shall   take necessary further action accordingly in the matter.
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