Loans to Buy Motor Car for Andhra Pradesh Ministers enhanced to 10.00 lakhs

On one hand tariff hike is expected for common man to put an additional Rs 3,434.89 crore in the hands of power utilities as against Rs 4,950 crore indicated in the tariff proposals. Discoms had proposed to mop up Rs 35,062 crore in 2012-13 as compared to an estimated Rs 24,000 crore revenues in the current year.

Loans to Members of Legislative Assembly / Council for purchase of Motor Car

Other hand Government of AP has decided to further enhance the ceiling limit for sanction of Motor Car Advance in respect of Hon’ble Ministers from Rs.4.50 lakhs to Rs.10.00 lakhs with the interest @ 4% per annum or the cost of the vehicle which ever is less, without any change in the number of installments for recovery of principle and interest.

The Secretary to State Legislature (MC) Secretariat has proposed to  enhance the  ceiling limit of Motor Car Advance from Rs. 4.50 lakhs to Rs. 10.00 lakhs keeping in view the general hike in the cost of four wheelers.

Government of Andhra have also decided to reduce the interest amount from 8.5% per annum to 4% per annum subject to other terms.

The rules for Hon’ble Ministers are quite different from people.

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