Limited Cheque Drawing powers to the Revenue Divisional Officers

At present in respect of Land Acquisition payments two different drawal procedures are being followed.

In respect of all Engineering Departments (except Major Irrigation) Revenue Divisional Officers are the Land Acquisition Officers.  In these cases, direct Cheque payment is made in the name of the concerned RDO by debiting to final   head of account on the bills presented by the Executive Engineer concerned.  The amount is immediately drawn from the treasury and kept in a separate account for further payments to the beneficiaries.  In this process funds will be out of Government account temporarily without actual utility of funds.

In all Major Irrigation projects Land Acquisition payments are made as per the procedure prescribed in Chapter 7.8.7. PAO Manual Payments are made through Special Deputy Collectors, who are having limited cheque drawing powers, against the authorization issued by the PAO (W&P).  After payments are made the Special Deputy Collectors renders the account to PAO for adjustment in his account at the end of the month.  The expenditure is booked when the adjustment entry is made in the PAO cash book.

Advantages in the system being followed in Major Irrigation are:-

(i)                 Drawl of cheques would be against the authorization issued by the PAO (W&P);

(ii)               The Land Acquisition Officer will operate the cheque books issued by the PAO (W&P);

(iii)             Funds remain in Government account until the beneficiaries are paid;

(iv)              Proper audit  and accounting by the PAO (W&P);

(v)                Expenditure is booked, when the account is rendered by the LAO and adjusted by the PAO (W&P).

In the circumstances stated above, after careful examination, Government hereby issue orders for extension of Limited Cheque Drawing powers to the Revenue Divisional Officers who are the LAOs in respect of other Departments on par with Major irrigation, and the concerned Revenue Division Officers are made as Drawing and Disbursement Officers under concerned PAOs (W&P) for the limited purpose of Land acquisition payments.

The following procedure will be followed from now onwards:

(i)                 The PAO(W&P) will issue cheque books to the Revenue Divisional Officers concerned as and when required;

(i)                 The PAO (W&P) will issue authorization as per the request received from the Chief Engineer concerned to draw the cheques duly specifying the amount, not exceeding the amount permitted by the Government;

(ii)               The Revenue Divisional Officer will draw cheques against the authorization not exceeding the amount specified therein and render the account within 3 months from the date of authorization;

(iii)             The Revenue Divisional Officer will furnish a surrender certificate for the amount not utilized out of authorization, at the end of 3 months period.

All the Works executing Departments, Revenue Department and the Director of Works Accounts are requested to follow the above procedure in respect of Land Acquisition payments

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