Laying linkroads to market yards in convergence with MGNREGS Guidelines

Government of AP has permitted to utilize anamount of Rs.100.00 Crores from Agricultural Market Committee Funds during the Financial Year 2013-14 to dovetail for black tapping the Rural W.B.M. Roads which were formed under N.R.E.G.S. Scheme and also constituted the District Level and State Level Committee for implementation / monitoring the scheme.

Government have restored the practice as was existing prior to 2004 in the Agricultural Market Committee subject to not exceeding 20% of surplus Market fee collected by each one of the A.M.C. for local needs to link roads connected to market, as a gap filling i.e. roads not covered under any of the existing scheme/programs of other Government Departments.

C&DOAM has informed that proposals/ assurances are being received from some of the public representatives and also from the Agricultural Market Committees requesting for sanction of Link roads explaining the dire necessity to provide connectivity from village Agricultural fields to the Market yards facilitating the farming community. The C&DOAM has proposed certain guidelines to be stipulated for sanction of link Roads in convergence with MGNREGS matching grant. The C & DOAM has requested the Government to consider issuing necessary orders in this regard duly approving the guidelines stipulated for sanction of Link roads in the current year for an amount not exceeding the 20% income of the preceding yearof the each Agricultural Market Committee in convergence with MGNREGS for connectivity to the Agri. Fields to the market yards.

Government after examination of the matter in detail, issue the following guidelines for laying of Link roads connecting from the Agricultural Fields to the market yards in the current year in convergence with MGNREGS for facilitating the farming community:

1) Link roads shall be taken up with Agricultural Market Committee funds subject to not exceeding 20% of Market Fee collected in the preceding year by each one of the Agricultural Market Committee for the current year.

2) Link Roads shall be taken up with the funds of the Agricultural Market Committee in convergence with MGNREGS.

3) Link Roads are defined as only those roads within the jurisdiction of notified area of Agricultural Market Committee and the roads should connect rural areas and must be leading to the Agricultural fields facilitating the farmers to transport the Agricultural produce to the markets. These roads shall be either Metal Roads (WBM) or gravel formation.

No link road should be taken up in bits and pieces as the purpose of scheme is to create a durable and useful asset for the transport of Agricultural produce of farmers.

The District level Committee is constituted with the following members to select and take up the Formation of New Link Roads/Culvert/Bridges works which are not borne on the Register of Panchayat Raj Department.The District level Committee shall also finalize the executing agency.

a) District Collector– Chairman
b) Assistant Director of Marketing
c) Dy. Executive Engineer of Marketing Department.
b) Secretary of concerned Agricultural Market Committee.

The District level Committee should select the link roads which are not taken Up under any other scheme and which are not borne in the register of Panchayat Raj Department/NREGS previously.

They should consult with the Agricultural Market Committees and obtain Agricultural Market Committee. Resolution to that effect.

There must be sufficient treasury balance within the concerned Agricultural Market Committee for taking up the proposed work.

The Agricultural Market Committee shall submit proposals for the current financial year to the Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing in full shape after getting approval of the District level Committee together with the resolution of the Market Committee, the detailed estimate and income particulars of preceding year for according administrative sanction.

There shall be no land acquisition while taking up these works.

Photographs before, during and after completion of the work shall be taken for each work with the same references land mark at every stage along with utilization certificate to this extent.

The Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing, A.P. /The Commissioner of Rural Development, A.P, Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter.


Agricultural Marketing Department – Utilization of 20% income of the preceding year of the Agricultural Market Committees for the purpose of laying linkroads connected to market yards in convergence with MGNREGS – Guidelines – Issued. AGRICULTURE& CO-OPERATION (MKTG.I) DEPARTMENT  G.O.Ms.No   Date:  29.02.2016.

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  1. From Commissioner and Director of Agricultural Marketing, A.P.,    Hyderabad, Lr.No.EC-T/Gen/387/Link roads/2015-16, dated 05.02.2016.

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