Land Acquisition payments – Requisitions, authorizations

Substantial amounts are being spent towards Land Acquisition (LA) for taking up various projects/schemes by engineering departments.

For arranging LA payments, the Heads of Departments approach the Finance Department through administrative department concerned in Government. Based on requisitions of administrative departments, Finance Department permits Pay & Accounts Officers/Assistant Pay & Accounts Officers (PAOs/APAOs) (W&P) to authorize the concerned Special Deputy Collector/Revenue Divisional Officer (SDC/RDO) to pay land compensation to the land owners. After arranging payments, SDCs/RDOs render account to the PAO/APAO concerned, who in turn incorporate the same in their monthly accounts.

The SDCs/RDOs have to render accounts to PAO/APAO within three months from the date of authorization. In case SDCs/RDOs fail in rendering accounts within the stipulated time, the authorization issued shall lapse. Authorizations are given even during March with a time limit of one month for rendering accounts. Huge pendency is observed in rendering accounts for the amounts thus authorized and such pendency is even carried to subsequent financial years.

Government have issued orders making certain changes in the process of filing requisitions for Land Acquisition payments and authorizations. After due observation of the implementation of the above orders, Government decided to further strengthen the process and accordingly the following modifications are hereby ordered.

1) Time period for rendering accounts by SDCs/RDOs shall be reduced from the existing 3 months to 2 months;

2) Authorizations will be issued upto February only;

3) The SDCs/RDOs shall render all the accounts within 2 months or 25th March (of that Financial Year) whichever is earlier;

4) There shall be no authorizations during March. The month of March is meant exclusively for adjusting the accounts;

5) If any SDC/RDO fails to render accounts within two months from the date of authorization they will not be entitled for further authorizations. The PAOs/APAOs shall not issue any authorizations to the defaulting SDCs/RDOs in rendering accounts.

The above modified procedure ensures

• LA Payments in a streamlined manner.

• Timely settlement of accounts during the same Financial Year without any spillover of pendency.

These orders shall come into force with immediate effect

G.O.Ms.No. 10 Dated 13-09-2013

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