Land Acquisition Payments – Requisition & Authorization Revised procedure

Substantial amounts are spent towards Land Acquisition (LA) for taking up various projects/schemes by the Engineering Departments. Land acquisition for these works is done by the Special Deputy Collectors/Revenue Divisional Officers.

In the existing procedure the Heads of Departments approach the Finance Department through administrative department concerned in Government for arranging LA payments. Basing on requisitions of administrative departments, Finance Department permits Pay & Accounts Officers/Assistant Pay & Accounts Officers (PAOs/APAOs) (W&P) to authorize the concerned SDC/RDO to pay land compensation to the land owners. After arranging payments, SDCs/RDOs render account to the PAO/APAO concerned, who in-turn incorporate the same in their monthly accounts.

This procedure is found to be time consuming and does not reflect the actual amounts that can be spent immediately. Huge variations are observed between the amounts requisitioned by the Departments and the actual amounts utilized and accounted for.

To reduce the time taken from the stage of requisition to the final authorization and also to know the actual amounts that can be immediately spent, the Director of Works Accounts has submitted proposals to modify the existing system enabling capture of details pertaining to the requisition, preliminary scrutiny and issue of authorization online, in Bills Monitoring System. The Engineering Departments were consulted for their views on this proposal and no objections have been received.

Accordingly, after careful examination, the Government hereby issues the following orders modifying the existing procedure in respect of LA requisition by the SDCs / RDOs.

It is hereby ordered that henceforth all LA requisitions & authorizations shall be processed and monitored online through the BMS.

The online requisition and authorization of LA payments system shall function as detailed below:-

a. The SDC/RDO will submit LA requisition online through his/her login ID in the BMS site duly providing Head of Account (HOA) and amount required for which awards are ready in respect of LA (Voted) / Administrative sanction orders in respect of LA (Charged). Upon such submission, a letter with transaction reference number will be generated by the system.

The SDC/RDO upon taking a print out of such requisition letter, has to sign and send it along with a copy of the award to the concerned PAO / APAO(W&P). These requisitions will be acknowledged by PAOs/APAOs concerned.

b. Submission of online requisitions and hard copies of awards/sanction orders by the SDCs/RDOs can be made on all working days. Permission by the Government will be issued as per the schedule ordered vide G.O.Ms.No.6, Fin(W&P)Dept., dt.03-08-2012 on par with work bills.

c. The requisitions thus received will be scrutinized with reference to award copies / administrative sanction orders and availability of funds at various levels in the O/o PAOs/APAOs and status (ready for payment or otherwise) will be displayed online in the BMS.

d. Government, depending on ways & means position, permits the PAOs/APAOs for issuing authorizations. PAOs/APAOs (W&P) will issue authorizations to the Bank concerned, under intimation to the SDC/RDO.

e. Basing on such authorization the SDC/RDO will arrange land compensation payments to the beneficiaries as per awards and render account to the PAOs/APAOs concerned within the stipulated time of three months.

The Director of Works Accounts (DOWA) is instructed to issue detailed operational guidelines in this regard to the concerned. These orders shall come into force with immediate effect.

These orders apply only to land acquisitions relating to works taken up by Engineering Departments where the related bills are paid through the PAO (Works Accounts) and BMS system

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