J.C. Nagireddy Dinking Water Supply Project in Ananthapur District

Orders were issued for Administrative Sanction for conversion of CPWS Scheme works covering to J.C. Nagireddy Drinking Water Project Phase-I, II, III & IV for Ananthapur District of State, to NRDWP for the year 2012-13 and to incur expenditure for the balance cost of for Phase-I Rs.3953.00 lakhs, for Phase-II & III Rs.6383.00 lakhs for Phase-IV Rs.12074.00 lakhs for the year 2012-13 under NRDWP DDP Grant with 100% funding by GOI, as cleared  by  the  State  Level  Schemes  Sanctioning  Committee on  16.11.2012  to  cover  447 habitations.

Orders were issued for administrative sanction for “CPWS Scheme to Singanamala Constituency covering of 73 habitations in Anantapur District with an estimated cost of Rs.4000.00 lakhs (Rupees Forty Crores Only) under NRDWP-DDP grant with 100% sharing by GOI, as cleared by the State Level Schemes Sanctioning Committee meeting held on 16.4.2012.

Engineer-in-Chief, RWS&S Department, SRTGN Bhavan, Erramanzil Colony, Hyderabad has informed that the Superintending Engineer, RWS&S, Ananthapuram vide letter dt.11.10.2013, has submitted proposals for Revised Project Report on JC Nagi Reddy Drinking Water supply project Anantapuramu. The Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad, vide letter dt.22.10.2013, has submitted Proposals change of source for the Project CPWS Scheme at Singanamala Constituency sanctioned under NRDWP (DDP) for an amount of Rs.40.00 Crores, the  Superintending Engineer, RWS&S, Ananthapuram, vide letter dt.4.5.2013 has submitted Proposals for according administrative sanction of CPWS Scheme for balance habitations in Singanamala Constituency for an amount of Rs.150.00 Crores.   He has further informed that the above three issues are pertains to the project JC Nagi Reddy Drinking Water Supply Scheme at Anantapuramu District which is covering Tadipatri Constituency., Singanamala Constituency, Guntakal Constituency and Part of Rapthadu Constituency and to provide safe drinking water to the 561 habitations in Anantapur District.    The Engineer in Chief, RWS&S, Hyderabad has requested the Govt. to take necessary action in the following:-

1. Accord Permission for Revised project proposals of JC NagiReddy drinking water supply Project for taking up works for unspent amount of Rs.111.84 crores from sanctioned amount of Rs.508.00 crores and to accord permission for release of pending bills.

2.Accord Permission for taking up Singanamala Project sanctioned under NRDWP DDP grant for an amount of Rs.40.00 crores as per the above Revised proposals taking source as MPR dam.

3. To take necessary action for according administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.150.00 crores for completion of The project in full shape for providing water supply to 561 habitations at a rate of 70 lpcd and two municipalities.

To take necessary action to treat the above project as one unit as the designs are made as one unit.

After examination of the matter, the request of the Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, Government hereby Accord Part-A/Stage-I Sanction for “JC Nagireddy Drinking Water Supply Project in Ananthapur District” covering 561 habitations @ 70 LPCD as per new guidelines of DDP for preparation of Detailed  project  report  with  additional  source  including  detailed  investigation,  surveying, planning, Designs and Drawings, estimates and Tender Document etc., including O&M cost as per State’s O&M Policy vide G.O.Rt.No.2290, dated:20/12/2012.

The Government noted that the project is badly delayed.  Since the project was sanctioned in  Phases,  a  holistic  view  needs  to  be  taken  including  feasibility  and necessity of involving two sources i.e. Gandikota and MPR.   In order to ensure successful implementation of the scheme a committee of ENC, CE (V&QC) and CE (State Plan) is formed to examine the above project and submit detailed project report to Govt. immediately after critically examining the Part-A clearance and also examine whether all assets created under the project till now including filter points & motors, power lines etc. laid for these are being utilized in the revised project proposal.  The ENC, RWS&S Dept., Erramanzil, Hyderabad is also requested to obtain the clearance of STA and SLSSC for the revised proposal.

The reliability and sustainability of the source should be ensured in order to supply safe and protected Drinking water to the habitations.

Inter  Departments issues  such  as  water  drawl  permissions, road  and  railways crossings and shifting of utilities and necessary permissions including cost  should be worked out along with preparation of DPR.

The  per  capita  cost  and  other  Technical  parameters  such  as  type  of  materials /selection of  type  of  pipe  line  such  as  DI/PVC/HDPE/CI/GRP/BWSC should  be  properly justified by the ENC, RWS&S, Hyderabad and should be detailed in the DPR.
The  ENC,  RWS&S,  Hyderabad  should  approach  the  Government  for  Administrative Sanction of Stage –II based on technical approval of the Detailed   project report by   the competent authority including Designs.   The processes of SWAP mode as communicated in G.O.Ms.No.4, dated:4/1/2013 of PR&RD(RWS.III)Department should be followed to plan the work and its O&M.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad is requested to scrupulously follow the guidelines of NRDWP and utilize the funds as per financial rules for Stage-I.

G.O.Rt.No. 1895 Dated:25.11.2013

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3. Letter from the Engineer-in-Chief, RWS&S Dept., SRTGN Bhavan, Erramanzil Colony, Hyderabad, Letter    No.AEE1/DEE1/JCNR/ANTP/2013, dated 21-09-2013 and dated 22-10-2013.

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