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The Government of Andhra Pradesh proposes to set up an International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT) a first of the kind institute in India for developing engineers and entrepreneurs with next generation technology skills as a way forward for taking forefront of IT sector development in thestate.

With rapid progress in the technology, IT industry is going through a massive change and technologies like Could, Analytics, Mobility, Social Media &IoT have started transforming the industry horizon. This has made the skills that were hitherto being used irrelevant and in some cases even obsolete. These new technologies need new skills and capabilities. Current education system addresses the basic skill needs but is unable to cope us with the rapid speed with which the technology is changing and industry is growing. This needs a different methodology of teaching and taught preferably by the industry experienced people. In addition, continuous mentoring and practice based teaching isneeded.

International Institute of Digital Technologies:

To address these needs global standard institute called “International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT)” along the model of ISB is proposed to set up. This institute will equip engineers with the next generation technologies which will rule the industry in the coming decade. With the leap frogging of IT services into to Digital Services, lack of trained manpower is a major challenge and IIDT is proposed to fill the need in the shortest possible time through modern “outcome based” teaching methodology by industry veterans. When it is fully operational it will become the first virtual university in the country.

Conventional Universities system of education needs specific syllabus format and needs competent authority approval for the syllabus before it is offered as a course. With universities managing multiple colleges for accreditation normally the change of syllabus is difficult in short time frame. This poses a big challenge as the current change of technology is very fast. Second, IIDT’s courses are current technologies and needs active industry participation, which is difficult in university format of teaching. Hence the decision to follow ISB format which is flexible and approved byIndustry. Third, the faculty who teach in the IIDT will be from industry while university format mandates Ph.D. and masters degree which is not possible in the IIDTcourses.

In the first phase IIDT will be created in Tirupati and once the operation is stabilized after initial batch roles out, it will be scaled quickly into other parts. In addition the pedagogy used for teaching uses modern teaching aids like online teaching and video streaming of lectures. Scaling this to other locations using Hub and Spoke method is very easy. Tirupati was chosen due to the availability of space, infrastructure and environment from SV University which agreed to allow IIDT to scale up quickly. As per the current understanding, SV University, Tirupati has agreed to give a building complex covering approximately 40,000 Sq.Ft which can house the state of the art class rooms for the courses and the other alliedinfrastructure.

Financial implications: IIDT is a student funded course and students who are selected will pay for the one-year course. This makes the cost of setting up IIDT lower. Due to the contemporary nature of the courses, funding is needed to create the basic infrastructure and the course content creation. However, once the basic infrastructure is in place scaling the IIDT is much simpler. The government will provide a part of budgetary needs for the IIDT until the completion of 3 years which amounts to 39.97 crs. From the 4thyear, the institution will become financially selfsufficient.


International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT) in Tirupati

IIDT will have permanent and visiting faculty for the teaching and the focus is to get industry professionals who are practicing to teach either on site or remotely. With presence of MNCs and Indian companies, access to state of art courses and methodologies will be madeavailable.

The Government has carefully examined the above proposal and considered the proposal and orders areissued.

a. To set up International Institute of Digital Technologies” which will be the first virtual university in the country enabling AP to be forefront in the next generation Digital economy and become the first place of choice for the Students, Industry andGovernments.

b. Sanction an amount of Rs. 39.97Cr. over a period of three years starting 2016-17 until the IIDT becomes self sustaining from the fourth yearonwards.
ITE&C Dept. – Setting up of International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT) in Tirupati-Order – Issued.

Information Technology, Electronics & Communications(Admin) Department

G.O.MS.No. 15 Dated: 30-06-2016

Read the following:

G.O.Ms. No .24, ITE&C (Admn.) Dept. dated: 08-12-2014

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