Internal Security dimension-Maoist Challenges

Permission is hereby accorded for deputation of Sri Siddarth Jain, IAS (2001), Collector and District Magistrate, Khammam District, for participation in the 19th Joint Civil Military Training Programme on “Internal Security dimension-Maoist Challenges and possible solution” scheduled to be held from 06-11-2012 to 08-11-2012 at College of Air Warfare, Secunderabad.

The Officer mentioned at para 1 above shall attend the training programme without fail. The period of deputation of the above Officer shall be treated as on duty during which the Officer will draw pay and allowances which he would have drawn but for his deputation to the above training.

The Member of Service is eligible for the Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance at the usual rates for the journeys both ways. During the period of training, the officer deputed will be provided boarding and lodging by the Institute free of charge. If the Member of Service deputed does not avail the free boarding and lodging facilities provided by the Institute, he is eligible to draw D.A. admissible to him under normal rules for the entire period of training.

Sanction is accorded for payment of Rs.600/- (Rupees six hundred only) to the Officer as a special training allowance in terms of G.O.Ms.No:187,General Administration(AR&T.III) Department, dated:21-4-2011 and the expenditure on this account shall be debited to the same head of account to which his pay and allowances are being debited.

The Joint Collector, Khammam District is kept in full additional charge of the post of Collector and District Magistrate, Khammam District, during the training period of Sri Siddarth Jain, IAS.

On completion of the training programme, Sri Siddarth Jain, IAS shall report to the same post from where he has been deputed for the above training. He will send the intimation to Government in General Administration (AR&T.II) Department about his participation in the training for which he was deputed.
8. This order does not require the concurrence of Finance (FW) Department.
From General Administration (AR&T.II) Department, U.O.Note
No:31992/ AR&T.II/2012-2, dt:3-11-2012

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