Instructions to HRMS – Data verification for HODs

1. The sanctioned posts in each department should match with the Finance SMPC information. This needs to be reconciled. For instance, the total sanctioned posts in the State are 10,40,905 based on SMPC. The HOD data adds up to 9,89,087. The same exercise is to be done by each HOD to match the overall numbers. If there are any GOs, which are not being reflected in Finance data, they should be brought to the notice of Finance department and should be reconciled. Out of 181 HODs, 51 departments have shown more than 100% of SMPC data. 23 departments have shown exact match of 100% and remaining 107 departments have shown less than 100%. (The list is annexed) .

2. The second level of reconciliation is that not only overall posts should match but also each category of posts also should match. For instance, in Agriculture there are 87 categories of posts as per SMPC data whereas the data provided by the HOD shows 108 categories. This also needs to be reconciled.


3. The third level is the correctness of the posts classifications – State, Multi Zonal, Zonal and District. This information is critical to determine the allocable pool of posts. Any error in data would lead to a wrong determination of the size of the allocable pool of posts.

4. The next information which is to be checked is vacancy related information. It may be the case that the number of people actually working may be equal to /less / more than the (sanctioned posts – vacancies). The vacancy position is independent of the number of employees working in that category. This information is crucial because along with the sanctioned posts vacancies also would be allocated.

5. The next information which is to be accurate is the seniority employees, category wise. It is observed that several departments have entered more than one employee at the same seniority level and 0 as seniority for several employees. This is totally unacceptable and the HOD would be doing serious injustice to his/her staff. This information has to be verified thoroughly and certified.

6. A final set of meetings is going to be held on 13th, 14th and 15th of May with all the HODs. No changes would be allowed after 15th and all the HODS have to certify personally the accuracy and completeness of the data. Any deviations in the data with respect to record would have serious consequences.

CircularMemo32708-A/333/A2/SMPC.II/13-3, 9 May 2014

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