Instructions for incurring expenditure during April & May 2014

Appropriation Act relating to Vote on Account Budget 2014-15 has been communicated to the Departments. In the reference 4th read above the detailed Budget Estimates 2014-15 are communicated to the Departments for enabling them to incur expenditure during the Vote on Account period i.e. 1st April 2014 to 30th September, 2014 pending approval of the Full Budget for the year 2014-15.

Heads of Departments and Estimating Officers are requested to furnish the breakup for the 2 states i.e. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States under each detailed head for which provisions are made in the Vote on Account Budget 2014-15 keeping in view of the formation of Telangana State with effect from 2nd June, 2014 (appointed date). In the reference 6th read above instructions were issued to the DTA, DWA & PAO, Hyderabad to authorize expenditure for the first 2 months i.e. April & May, 2014 from out of the budget allocations communicated vide reference 4th read above.

Government after careful consideration, hereby decided to dispense with issue of BROs only for two months i.e. April & May 2014 in respect of Non Plan items of expenditure under the detailed heads 270 – Minor Works, 310 Grants-in-Aid, 320 Contributions, 330 Subsidies, 520 Machinery & Equipment and also all continuing schemes under GH.07 RIDF & GH.11 Normal State Plan.

4. The Departments of Secretariat are authorised to sanction the expenditure for the months April & May 2014 in respect of items of expenditure under non-plan and normal state plan which requires specific sanction of Government for admitting the bills in audit. The procedure for drawl of funds will be D.V Bill only.

5. In respect of GH.03 EAP, GH.04 F.C Grants & GH.12 Centrally Assisted State Plan Schemes and Schemes linked with finance from other agencies like HUDCO, NCDC etc., specific BRO will be issued by the Finance Department for the expenditure required during April and May 2014.

6. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, the Director of Works & Accounts and the Pay and Accounts Officer are requested to authorize the expenditure for first two months i.e. April & May 2014 based on the sanctions issued by the Departments of Secretariat from out of the budget allocations communicated to the Departments through reference 4th read above. They are also requested to adhere to the instructions issued in the reference 1st read above for authorization of expenditure based on the distribution statements furnished by the HODs.

7. All the Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments are informed that expenditure from 2nd June 2014 onwards (Appointed Date) will be authorised by the respective State Governments i.e. Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of
Telangana separately.

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