Implementation of UGC Revised Pay Scales, 2006 to the teaching staff

The General Secretary, Government College Gazetted Teachers Association Andhra Pradesh has requested to extend the revised UGC Pay Scales to those teachers who were appointed or promoted after 1.1.2006 and drawing UGC Pay Scales of 1996 as on date by amending the orders issued in G.O.Ms.14, Higher Education (UE.II) Dept., dt.20.02.2010, suitably.

In the circumstances reported by the Secretary, A.P. State Council of Higher Education, Hyderabad in his letter the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Hyderabad in his letter fifteenth read above, Government after careful examination of the matter have decided to issue the following amendments to G.O.Ms.No.14, Education ( U.E.II) Department, dated.20-2-2010 :-

Sub para (5) of Para 7 shall be substituted as follows:-

“The UGC Revised Pay Scales 2006 are also applicable to the teachers who were in the scales other than UGC and came into the
UGC Pay Scales after 1.1.2006 by option, subject to meeting the expenditure within the Budget Provision”.

The words and figure “MH-8005” appearing in Para 11 shall be read as “MH-8009”.

The Commissioner of Collegiate Education, A.P., Hyderabad shall submit the proposals for seeking reimbursement from University Grants Commission on the ground that the persons now benefited to the same class as others and therefore State Government is eligible for reimbursement.

This amendment issued with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.HE) Department vide their U.O.No.32662/1078/EHE/12, dated.11.1.2013 and 15504/363/Expr.HE/2011, dated 21.7.2011.
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