Implementation of Social Empowerment Mission

The Government of Andhra Pradesh endeavours to be one of the best three states in the country by 2022 and has planned a mission approach to address the issues in externalities management as well as to overcome and accomplish inter-departmental coordination whose back which have been resulting in sub optimal performance of departments. Seven sector specific missions are formed to focus on the activities/ projects, which are critical for social and economic growth of the state that require inter-departmental coordination. The Social Empowerment Mission is one of the seven missions, focusing on the Human Development
indices that comprises of the departments of HM&FW, WCD&SC, Education, Panchayat Raj, Rural Development and all the four Welfare departments for Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Backward classes and Minorities. The Social Empowerment Mission was launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 27th February 2015 at Kurnool.

2. The modus operandi of the Social Empowerment Mission is detailed in this G.O. Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Minister for Health are the Chairperson and vice chairpersons of the Mission respectively. Principal Secretary for Health, Medical & Family Welfare will be the Mission Coordinator. Mission Support Unit (MSU) formed by various functional leads will be led by a State Mission Manager who will report to the Mission
Coordinator. To get the departments into mission mode of working, fill the gap in the technical areas and develop synergy with the member departments, a Departmental Support Unit (DSU) will be established. The DSU shall comprise of one to two experts for each of the member departments and they shall report to the respective Principal Secretaries. Organization of United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is identified as knowledge partner to hand hold and coordinate the activities planned under the Mission.

3. Each of the missions is sanctioned an amount of Two crores (2 crores) as per the 3rd reference read above for hiring experts/consultants. The mission inception work was done by TISS as per the 2nd reference cited above. The total sanctioned budget is Rs 20.15 crores, for a period of five years.

4. The budget will be housed with Commissioner Health & Family Welfare in a separate account for the Mission. The State Mission Manager (SMM) will be able to make requisitions for the salaries and all other expenses. The method of utilizing the projected budget on each of the items will be done as follows:-

a) Human Resource component; The State Mission Manager shall submit the attendance and the deliverables report of the month for all the functional leads and the data cell to the Mission coordinator for approval and submit for salary requisition to the CHFW. For the consultants in the Departmental Support Unit, the same will be taken from the respective Principal Secretaries of the concerned departments, and the State Programme Manager will submit requisition to the CHFW and disburse accordingly.

b) Equipment and Infrastructure: The SMM will chair a procurement committee constituted within the Mission Support Unit, which will authorize the buying of equipment as per requirement.

c) Capacity Building: Each year the MSU will put up a detailed proposal to the Member Secretaries for capacity building required for their review and seek approval.

d) Research and Studies: The Mission Advisor will suggest proposals and subject to approval from MSU. The study results will be shared with the Government and will remain to be the property of State Government, any publications on these studies will have to be authorized by the Mission Coordinator or the concerned Principal Secretary of the concerned department.

e) Transportation: The State Mission Manager (SMM) is responsible for endorsement of the travel for the functional leads. Principal Secretaries of the concerned department are responsible for endorsement of travel for the consultants of Department Support Unit. The travel and stay will be reimbursed based on actual expenditure and shall be signed by the SMM.

f) Office Expenditure: The expenses will include rent towards office space, power, utilities and IT requirements as well as routine hospitality. An advance amount shall be kept at the disposal of SMM who shall submit SoEs every quarter.

5. The consultancy fee will be in accordance with the G.O. 4th read above. The roles and responsibilities of each of the consultants in the MSU and DSU are defined based on which the performances of the consultants will be monitored.

6. The functioning of the proposed structure will be assessed periodically and continuation of the same will be decided by appropriate authority.

7. This order issues with concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O. No. 247/A2/FMU HM&RW/2015, dated 16.09.2015. Government of Andhra Pradesh has opted to work on a mission mode
to be among the best three states in the country by 2022. Social Empowerment Mission (SEM) focuses on the Human Development Indices and/ comprises of departments of HM&FW, WCD&SC, Education, Panchayat
Raj, Rural Development and the four welfare departments for Scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, Backward classes and Minorities.

2. Tata Institute was identified as the knowledge partner for the Social Empowerment Mission as per 2nd reference cited. Dr. Lakshmi Lingam, Deputy Director of TISS Hyderabad and her associates as representatives of TISS have done the Mission inception work, prepared a document that was released during launch of the Mission on 27th of February 2015 by Hon’ble Chief Minister at Kurnool.

3. An amount of Rs. 6,41,750 /- (six lakhs forty one thousands and seven hundred and fifty rupees) is sanctioned for the documentation from the budget allocated for the Mission as per the norms detailed in the consultancy for contractual services cited in 3rd reference.

4. The Commissioner Health and Family Welfare is requested to release amount from the allocated budget of the Social Empowerment Mission to TISS.

G.O.RT.No. 686 Dated:19 /11/2015 Read the following: 1) G.O.Ms.No.20, Planning(VII) Department, dt.26-9-2014. 2) Govt. Lr.No.624/I.2/2015, dated 11.03.2015. 3) Note No.1243/Plg.X/2015, Planning Dept., dt.24.03.2015 4) G.O. Ms. No. 89, Finance (HR.1) Department, dt.16.07.2015

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