Implementation of MGNREGS in Tribal Areas – Certain Instructions

With a view to improving effectiveness of implementation of ahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGS) in Tribal areas and in accordance with the orders issued in the G.O second read above for single line administration in tribal areas, the Government direct the following:

1. The MGNREGS in the tribal areas will be implemented by the Project Officers of ITDA who shall be designated as the Additional DPC for the Tribal areas, under the supervision of District Collector and DPC who is the overall programme in-charge as per Section 14 of the MGNREG Act.

2. All the powers of Project Directors of DWMA over the Fixed Tenure Employees (FTEs) and other staff members shall be devolved on the Project Officers, ITDAs for the Tribal areas. These should include online confirmation for payment of salaries, allowances, incentives and sanction of leave etc.

3. All the MCCs working in the tribal areas shall directly function under the control and supervision of the PO, ITDA concerned.

4. In order to keep in view the special needs of the tribal areas, the MGNREGS planning exercise currently underway in ITDA areas will be re-done under the guidance and supervision CTW, so as to complete before 15.11.2012.

5. In the Social Audit, PO, ITDA will necessarily participate in the training of the village Social Auditors before undertaking the Social Audit exercise.

6. The Social Audit hearing in the tribal areas will be presided over by the POs of ITDAs only. The decision taking format of social audit report shall be submitted to the PO, ITDA invariably before sending the same to the District Collector for taking action through the District Vigilance Officers.

7. The Commissioner, Rural Development will ensure that all the Circulars and guidelines issued from time to time on MGNREGS are marked to the Commissioner, TW for use on the tribal areas.

8. The Special Commissioner, Watersheds will work-out a separate strategy for tribal areas along with the CTW in implementation of the both watersheds and Indiara Jala Prabha.

9. The CEO SERP will follow similar systems in the IKP structure in the tribal areas.

The POs, ITDA will be responsible for the implementation of MGNERGS to the Commissioner, RD, Hyderabad. The Commissioner, Rural Development, and the Commissioner, Tribal Welfare will workout modalities for monitoring the performance & POs, ITDA in implementation of MGNREGS.

The Commissioner, Rural Development shall take necessary action to implement the above decisions.

1.Memo No.21141/RDII/A1/2012-1 of PR & RD ( RDII) Department, Dt.10.09.2012

2.GO  Ms  No.274  of  General  Administration  (Spl.A)  Department


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