Implementation of financial assistance scheme in seven Backward Classes Welfare Federations

The Vice Chairman and Managing Director A.P .Backward Classes Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited vide reference  has submitted proposals for remittance of beneficiary contribution of Rs.4,000/- to the bank account by the beneficiary himself or raising the loan from the bank along with his contribution of Rs.1,000/-.    The subsidy amount of Rs.5,000/- will be released directly to the society member beneficiary’s account through e-payment mode.

In super-session of the G.O. , the Government after examination have decided to introduced a new pattern for implementation of financial assistance scheme in respect of the following Federations:-

1.         A.P.Washermen Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

2.         A.P.Nayee Brahmins Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

3.         A.P.Vaddera Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

4.         A.P.Sagara (Uppara) Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

5.         A.P.Valmiki/Boya Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

6.         A.P.Krishna Baliji, Poosala Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

7.         A.P.Bhattraja Co-op Societies Federation Ltd.

The funding pattern for the implementation of financial assistance scheme in respect of above seven Federations is as shown in the table below:-


Unit Cost per group Per Group Per Member
Unit Cost Rs.1.50 Lakh


Subsidy of 50 % Rs.75,000


Beneficiarycontribution 10 % Rs.15,000


40 % of the unit cost either by bank loan or to be remitted by Member beneficiary Rs.60,000


Rs.1,50,000 Rs.10,000

4.   The following are guidelines for implementation of the above financial assistance scheme:-

Identification of the beneficiaries at the ground level;

Formation of members into a group or society.  Generally the group consists of   fifteen   members   as   per   the   funding   pattern   issued   by   G.O.Rt.No.57, B.C. Welfare (B1) Dept., Dated: 06-10-2008

Affiliation of the Groups / Societies to the Federation with the approval of MD duly certifying such affiliation;

Completion of formalities including deposit i.e., Rs.4,000/- either by bank or by  beneficiary  himself  and  Rs.1,000/-  as  the    beneficiary  contribution  by  the member in his account at district level.

Release of subsidy amounts to the members of the Group/Society simultaneously direct to the beneficiary’s   account through e-payment only after remittance of beneficiary contribution.  The beneficiary account will be made non- operative and the subsidy amount of Rs.5,000/- will be released directly to the member beneficiary’s bank account through e-payments.

Disbursement of amount to member beneficiary:-

The Committee under the chairmanship of the District Collector and the Chairman District B.C Service Cooperative Societies   Limited consisting of the following officers will clear non-operative account into operative account after submitting banker certificate about non-operative account and estimates/bills for the proposed articles/tools for the total amount of Rs.10,000/- per member by the member.

The Committee:-

1.         District Collector                                                Chairman

2.         Project Director DRDA                                     Member

3.         ED DSCSCS Limited                                            Member

4.         ED DBCSCS Limited                                           Member Convener

5.         DBCWO                                                                   Member

The Committee will send the clearance list to the banker duly marking copy to the beneficiary.

Economic activities / self employment units:-

1) Laundry Units (2) Hair Dressing Saloons (3) Band Sets (4) Vaddera Tools (5) Petty Trades like Vegetable vending, fruit selling, Kirana Shops, Tea Bunks, Stationary Shop/General Store, Milch Cattle, Tailoring etc. (The above list of activities are only indicative and not exhaustive).

The Vice Chairman and Managing Director, A.P .Backward Classes Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited and the Managing Director for the above seven Federations shall take further necessary action accordingly.

This  orders  issues  with the  concurrence  of  Finance  Department  vide  U.O.Note No.523/40/DCM.II-2013, Dt:04.02.2013.

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