Implementation of APNET KU-Band Project in collaboration with ISRO

Government of Andhra Pradesh in the MOU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Dept. of Space, Government of India (GOI) for the establishment of APNET Ku-Band with the broad objective of establishing satellite based communication network to help in Distance Education, Tele Medicine, e-Governance, Human Resource Development etc.,

To manage the affairs of Andhra Pradesh Network (APNET)  a Society for Andhra Pradesh Network (SAPNET) was established under the charge of a Chief Executive Officer. Government has been releasing funds vide G O’s  periodically towards content development, other administrative, O&M and AMC expenses. SAPNET has requested vide their letter for funds release of `30,00,000 /- towards AMC and other BTOM payments due to Mana TV Studio Service providers and office expenses payable during 2012-2013., Government considered it necessary to release an amount of ` 30,00,000 /- to SAPNET for making the payments after deducting applicable Income Tax at the source. Now it is proposed to release the amount through APTS which has PD account and in turn will make the payments to SAPNET on the advice of IT&C Department. APTS has requested to release funds to enable them make payments to SAPNET vide their letter for ` 30,00,000. /-.

Government after careful consideration and detailed examination hereby sanction and release an amount of ` 30,00,000 /- (Rupees Thirty Lakhs Only) to APTS.

4. The amount sanctioned and released in Para 3 above shall be debited to the following Head of Account:

3451 : Secretariat Economic Services
MH 090 : Secretariat – Schemes included in the Plan
GH.11 : Normal State Plan
S.H (22) : Information Technology & Communications Dept.
310 : Grants in Aid
312 : Other Grants in Aid

The Joint Director & Drawing and Disbursing Officer, IT&C Department., shall draw the above amount through an Adjustment Bill and credit the same to the PD Account No.23 of M/s APTS Ltd., Hyderabad under the following credit Head of Account:

8449 : Other Deposits
MH 120 : Misc. Deposits
SH (56) : Deposits to APTS Ltd.

6. Managing Director, APTS Ltd. shall submit an advance stamped receipt vide their letter 27th read above for ` 30,00,000 /- (Rupees Thirty Lakhs Only) in duplicate to this Department.

7. The APTS Ltd., should utilize the amounts for the purposes specified above as per the terms and conditions in vogue. The APTS Ltd. should also submit Utilization Certificate along with details of expenditure, as soon as it is utilized and remit the unspent balance, if any, to Government Account.

8. This order issues in concurrence of the orders issued by Finance Department Vide their G.O.Rt.No.4157, Finance (EXPR.GAD-II) Department, Dated 25.10.2012.

G.O.Rt.No. 182 Dated:01.11.2012
Read the following:

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27. Lr.No.APTS/208/SAPNET/2006 Dated.31.10.2012.
28. G.O.Rt.No.4157, Finance (EXPR.GAD-II) Department Dated 25.10.2012

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