IHSDP sub mission of JNNURM in respect of Sattenapalli Municipality 1

Orders were issued according revised administrative sanction   for an amount of Rs. 1561.47 lakhs for providing infrastructure facilities in slum areas of Sattenapalli   Municipality sanctioned   under IHSDP with the following funding pattern:

Sl.No. Agency Amount (Rs. in Lakhs)
1. Central share 1114.14
2. State share 139.27
3. ULB 308.06
  Total: 1561.47

The  Engineer-in-Chief  (PH),  Hyderabad  vide  reference ,  has submitted that the technical sanction was accorded for the project for Rs.1561.47 Lakhs and registered under ENC (PH)R.No.42/2008-09, Dt: 12.6.2008. As per site conditions some deviations were occurred, accordingly revised DPR was prepared for Rs.1559.98 lakhs and apprised to HUDCO. The CSC in its meeting held on 17-02-2012 have approved the revised DPR for Rs1409.52 Lakhs duly treating some of the quantities and Taxes as inadmissible. Further submitted that the MD, APUFIDC vide reference 2nd read above, have communicated minutes of the technical committee meeting held on 20.3.2013 and it was resolved to request the Government for approval of   revised estimates of Sattenapalli IHSDP scheme for Rs.1537.77 lakhs which is within the administrative sanction already accorded vide G.O. 1st  read above.   Hence, the ENC (PH), Hyderabad has requested the Government to accord revised administrative sanction for Rs.1537.77  lakhs with the following method of funding:



Description Amount (lakhs)
1 Share of Government of India 1096.01
2 Share of Government of Andhra Pradesh 137.00
3 Share of Ponnur Municipality 304.76
  Total 1537.77

Government of AP after examination of the report of Technical Committee and proposal of ENC (PH), Hyderabad, hereby accord the revised administrative sanction for Rs.1537.77 lakhs with the following method of funding.

Rs. in lakhs)

Funding pattern As    per    revised

DPR  approved  by


As       per       revised

administrative sanction of GoAP


administrative sanction accorded now

(1) (2) (3) (4)
GOI         share


114.14 1114.14 1096.01
State       share


147.69 139.27 137.00
ULB         share


147.69 308.06 304.76
TOTAL 1409.52 1561.47 1537.77

The  Managing  Director,  APUFIDC  and  Engineer-in-Chief  (PH)  shall  take necessary action in coordination with Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Hyderabad to ensure provision by the ULB for the amounts specified in last column of the table mentioned in Para 3 above, duly accounting for the original JNNURM component. The Managing Director, APUFIDC shall report to the GOI as well as GoAP accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O No. 23161/470/A1/Expr. M&F/2013, Dated: 7.9.2013.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Infrastructure project sanctioned   under   IHSDP   sub-mission   of   JNNURM in respect of Sattenapalli Municipality Revised administrative sanction- Accorded orders Issued.

G.O.Rt.No. 1703 ,MA   Dated: 25.11.2013

1.  G.O.RT.No.670, MAUD (UBS) Department, Dated: 12.5.2008.
2.  From    MD,    APUFIDC    Ltd.,    Hyderabad    Lr.No.7592/APUFIDC
/Tech.Committee/Infra Projects/2013, Dated: 23.3.2013
3.  From   ENC   (PH),   Hyderabad   Lr.No.180508/T3/STP/IHSDP/2013, Dated: 19.7.2013

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