Identification of list of Reservoirs for New Sand Policy 2014 in AP

Government have announced a New Sand Mining Policy, 2014, duly indicating the responsibilities of various Departments.  In the said G.O. vide para 12(c), it  was ordered that the I&CAD Department, at the State Level shall identify and notify all major and medium reservoirs and entrust these to the District Collectors concerned.

Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), GoAP, Hyderabad, have communicated the list of major and medium projects proposed for desiltation (within FRL Contour) for notification and also instructed the concerned Superintending Engineers, to coordinate with the District Level Sand Committee (DLSC) for desiltation of reservoirs to enhance the storage capacity of the reservoir duly demarcating the FRL contour and following the guide lines issued by the Government.

Government after careful examination of the above proposal of the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), GoAP, Hyderabad, hereby notify the list of reservoirs as follows

List of Reservoirs



District River / Basin Reservoir/Project Remarks
1 Anantapur Pennar Penna Ahbilam (Dr.K.S.P.AB.PR) Reservoir
2 Anantapur Pennar Mid Pennar Project
3 Anantapur Vedavatu (Pedda Hagari) Bhairavanitippa Project
4 Anantapur Chitravati River Chitravati Reservoir
5 Anantapur Maddileru (Tributary to Chitravati) Yogi Vemana (Maddileru Reservoir)
6 Chittoor Kalyani Kalyani Dam
7 Chittoor Kalangi Kalangi Reservoir
8 Chittoor Araniar Araniar Project
9 Chittoor Peddur Pedderu Reservoir  Project
10 Chittoor Bahuda Bahuda Reservoir  Project
11 Cuddapah Pennar Mylavaram Project
12 Cuddapah Cheyyeru (Pennar) Annamayya (Cheyyeru) Project  
13 Cuddapah Buggavanka Vagu Buggavanka Project  
14 Cuddapah Pincha Pincha Project  
15 Cuddapah Pennar Adinimmayapalli Anicut
16 Cuddapah Pennar Gandilvota Reservoir
17 East Godavari Yeleru Yeleru Reservoir
18 East Godavari Pampa Pampa Reservoir
19 Krishna Krishna Munneru Project
20 Kurnool Krishna Srisailam Project (N.S.R.S.P)
21 Kurnool Handri (Tributary to Tungabhadra) Gajuladinne (Sanjeevaiah Sagar) Project


District River / Basin Reservoir/Project Remarks
22 Nellore Kandaleru Kandaleru Balancing Reservoir
23 Nellore Pennar River Sangam Anicut
24 Nellore Pennar River Nellore Anicut
25 Prakasam Gundlakamma Gundlakamma
26 Prakasam Manneru Rallapadu Project
27 Srikakulam Vamsadhara Hiramandalam Reservoir
28 Srikakulam Suvarna Mukhi Madduvalasa Reservoir
29 Vijayanagaram Svarnamukhi Gomula Janjhavati Reservoir
30 Vijayanagaram Suvarnamukhi Vengalaraya Sagaram
31 Vijayanagaram Champavathi Andhra Reservoir Project
32 Vijayanagaram Vottigedda (Tributary to Nagavalli) Vottigadda Reservoir
33 Visakhapatnam Thandava Thandava Reservoir
34 Visakhapatnam Sarada Raiwada Reservoir
35 Visakhapatnam Meghadrigedda Meghadrigedda Reservoir
36 Visakhapatnam Bodderu(Tributary to Pedderu) Konam Reservoir
37 Visakhapatnam Varaha Varaha Project
38 West Godavari Yerrakalva Yerrakalva Project


West Godavari Thammileru Thammileru Reservoir
40 West Godavari Kovvada Kalva Kovvada Kalva


  1. The Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), GoAP, Hyderabad, shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.

G.O.Rt.No.797 Dated:05.12.2014:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.95, Ind.&Com(Mines-IV) Dept., dated 28-8-2014.
2. Govt. Memo No. 13326/WRG-GRC/2014-1, dated:30.09.2014.
3. From the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), GoAP, Hyderabad, Lr. No. ENC/ DW/ DCE/ OT-5/AEE-1/Sand Mining/2014-15, dt.07.11.2014.

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